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A Stalwart Boomerang

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The aecond veto has put the Republicana in a worse iix thau before, if that were possible. The Preaident was undoubtedly iuflueneed to veto the bill liy the stalvvarts of the party. He coufessed at the flrst that the measure was not ohjectionable. But Ohandler aud Lngan and the other representatives of the Porce-and-Fury eud of the Republicun party bewieged the White House and extorted this message froui the President signed thi.s bill he would have deprived the stalwartsofa portion of their working poJHical capital. He would have been morally bound also to approve of the amendments to the othtr appropriatiou bill, dispoing of the autocratie power of Federal supervisors to arrest voters by the thousand at the polls and lock tlieui up iike burglars and assassins. He would have been virlually bound lo approve the repea! of the lest- ath act. ín short, he would have bsen insrtumeutal, under Democratie leadership, in getting rid of obnoxious war measures, and making lurttier appeals to sectional prt-judlce and patsion useless, if not imposaible. And liiia would have robbed the stalwart demagogues of their political capital. It, is obvious why the Republican managers wanted Hayes to veto this bill, aud will insist ou hls vetoing fue othir measuref1. But they have tof once iniscalculated the effetit of their policy. They have put the Repuiilican party before the country as the a!vcaie of military interference in elections. It stauda conamitted f rom (hia time forlh by the act of the Presidaut to the use of the army at the polls. Thia single, simple sharp issue bas been mane by the authoritative head of the Repubiican party. In vain will they try to dodgethis point, andhedge tliems-elves about with qualifleations and quibbles. The Demócrata framed au appropriation bill with a fair, moderate, legitímalo amendment providing against the use of Federal troops in eiections. The President vetced this bill, but intimated that he might appiove of a separate bill covering this point. Thesepaiate bill was framed with the utmost care in order that it ahould be unobjestionable ; and he haa vetoed this also, making it as clear as daylight what be and bis advisers mean, ïbcy have thrown the issue fairly out to ttie country for the piople to settle at the polls. A better thiug for the Demócrata could not have been done. On this issue they are uniled, and will rally every where. And tliey will have the hearty aympatby of all peace-loving, conservative citizens, wbo are weary of war and sec tional agitation, and want fraternity aud co-operation to develop the resources, and improve the business, and increaite the pronperity of the whole nation. This is the Democratie rallying ground,and on it they will be victorious. And for the seetioual agüatiou, the reviving of oíd insurs, the Y. Kx.


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