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Sherman In The Field

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John herman is willing to be a candidato for l'resident as he shitos in a letter toa iriend- and, goed soul ! be is willinji to boolceted. It ia a novel tlriM fnr a mn to write JBSt such a let'ot,iuid wo do not believe it was ever bet'oro d-onc by anyone who soriously ontortftined tb e idea. It would sound well for Duuiol Piatt or Geo. Franois ïntin, but a man holding tho position of John Shermanought to lethisfricuds Viriiiíí búa forvvard, aud not be quite EO forward biraself. Certainly thero is no ffectution or falso modesty about the mattor. It show an obliging disposition inou the part of Johu Sherman. - Ho Ukcs occasion to state in tho eanio luttur that be might bo noruinated and eltjctbrt Governor of Ohio, but a gravo duty foibids. Though tho executive chair of that state proved to be the successful road to the Presidential chair for its presont incumbent, he, John Shorniiin, can not como down to travel in tire sumo highway. Ho wants to niount its steps direct. Moruover he hopea to orowu the Buramit of bis ambition by tho votes of war Dernocrats. In this also ho exhibits no false senso of modesty for he inforuis us how he hopea to get there - f ho geta there afc all. A fair interpretación of his letter ia, that he will be a candidate upon the war issues, issues that are obsolete ; issues that wout into history nearly fifteen years ugo, and without a revival of which it would bo useless for the Eepublican party to atteuipt a caiupuign. Another revival of sectional ha tred tovvard the Bouth uiust be attempted in order to stand any chance of retainiug hold of tho oxecutivebranch of thegovernment, the only source of power remainiug in the hands of a party which, for the past twenty years havo observed the sceptre of; governrnent raelting out of their hfirJids. It is their last and only hope of retaiuing even thia portion of Federal patronage. 'The editor of tbc A.KGUS can always have Bual's approving sniüo, if he will only scissor the right kind of artieles. The former editor of tho AHGU3 had a perverse way of refusing this, henee Beal did not like him. - ltegister. By what authority does our coternporary thrust its proboscis ínto a matter that does not concern it? Begotten in a spirit of hatred, it lives for no higher purpose than thesatisfaction of revenge, and, appeara to envy the Anaus because it is without any of its " stock on hand." Whatever may have been the nrmdufit of this iournal under the agetnent of its " fortnor editor" its futuro mission, in addition to that of subserving the intorests of the great party to which it haa long given allogiance, will be to give the newa in as conciso and readable a nianner aa possible, submitting personal quarrels to the attentie jüiDoja-jis-oj.!; fmCLÍ picLfar. editor of the Argüs believea the true functions of a newspaper to be something higher more ennobling than the ventüation of spleen and gratification of personal resentraent. Besidos life ia too short, and time too valuable to be spent altogether in looking after the weak spots of a single individual. Beeclier, who has been on a lecturing tour tkrough the South, has quite fallen in love with tho Southern people. " So far as I had an opportunity of judging," said Mr. Boecher to a reporter at Louieville, " I love the Southern pooplé. They pre noble, kind, considorato and enthuiastic. I have lectured in Europe and all oVer tbe United States, but never han tt been my lot to meet with more intelligent and better people than you Bouthorners. The ovations tendered me at Memphis and Nashvüle I consider the pleasantest of my lifo. I only regret that I can stay no longer with you." - Mr. Beecher expressos hisdetermination to go on another Southern tour and give the proceeds of bis lectures to Southern cbarity, which is very good of Mr. Beeeber. Tho State Sunday School Convention will be held in tho city of Detroit, June 17tb, 18ih and 19th, and one of tho best programmes evor had at any of the State Conventions is being prepared, thewhole of which will soon be announced. Eeduced rates will be securod on all railroads. Entertainment to delegates will be f urnished by the people of Detroit, and every Sunday School in the State of Michigan is requested to sund a delégate.


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