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Mr. Cbandler can henceforth only count npon a majority oL G.000 in bis Btate, whioh went llopublicau by 27,000 at the corresponding election iu LS77 and by 26,000 in Í875, while Hayes carried it in 1870 by 25,000 ove Tilden, and Grant in 1S72 by 57,000 over Gree]ey. O f courso under tha pressuro of a closcrly contestud caujpaigu niany of the llepublicans who wunt into the National party bist year havo returned to tlicir oíd allegiance, and others liave fallen ofF froiu tho Greenback causo becauso of Mr. Shennan's " resumptiou." But after making allowanoo for all this the fact remains tbat as tho net result of tho National movement many thousand licpublieans in Michigan hivo gone out of the Chandler canip and areno longer to be 80 red by bis " solid South" bugaboo. Michigan, as tho World said before tho election it would be, is heroafter a State to bo fought for earnostly - a State worth careful watching by tho National Democracy. According to the April figures the Republicana will loso .oiio Congressioual district by nearly 3,000 majority; in two others they aro in a minority of botween G00 and 900 votes as oouipared with the uuitedoppositiun, , uow that. things have crystallizcd, and . in a fourth they havo a margin of loss ,, than 4(X) votes to work upon. Aa the April olections in Chicago indicated a Democratie gain of twoseats inthenext Houso, and as the First Ohio District in Cincinuati offsets Fourth Wiscousin in Milwaukee, tho Deraocrats of the West and Northwest sond a good message to ■their brethren of the East at the begining; of thisyear'aniomentouscampaign. If Mr. Chapdlor is wiso ho will devoto a little moro attention hereafter tohisowu Stato and a good deal lesa to that of Mr. 1 Jefferson Davis. " Loyalty in the war" ■will not hereafter bo accepted in tho groat Northwest as an adequate explanation of serious linancial orrors in the books of the Yellville National Bank, What is meant by a " strong goverrment," such a govcinnient as a good man; Kcpublicana hopo to havo, and urge iu favor of a third term for Grimt? It means a governnient strong to opprcss. It nieans that ho would malte an admiuistration strong for the negroos at the expense of the whitos ; stroug for the oarpft-bagger at the expenso of tlio substantial and psrinanent resident: an adimnistration strong in tho cohesive power of public plunder. It would he an administnitiou of a strong odor, for it would imaok of Babcock, Shepherd, Iiobeson and the AVhisky Hing. It would bo a strong administration in military support nud de?potio tendencies. Strong governraents aro repugnant to the people of this country, whioh wo apprehend will not sacrifice any of its Hbertios in behalf of suoh a government. " The douce ia in tho girls," exclaims the Troy Press. Wo should s:ty as inuch. One of them is in jail in llichmond for having married a negro ; aiiother, a niece of Chief JusticeAgnew.of Ponneylvania, a wealthy girl living in the suburbs of' Pittsburg, has run away and married an iguorant negro coal-hoaver ; two or three others, in high lite, have lately raarried coacbuien, and still another aristocratie malden lias shocked hor fond parents by eloping with a house painter. Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B.( raised all the misohief by his official announcoment that "love levéis all ranks." Very kind the Socialists are, indeed. This body of men, who, when freuzied by beer, declare tUo construction of our govcrnmont radically wrong and propose to upset all its institutions and erectono insteud that willshower wealth and happiness upon all aliko, in conjunctiou with the workingmen's party and taddes' unions, havo arrungod for a general strike all over tho country to take effect immediately after tho 4th of' July. That tyrant " capital" will have ampie opportunity to placo itsolf on n-uard, and will havo no one to blamo if eaught iiapymg. The total imports of nierchandiseinto the United SUUes, for the calendar year 1878 amounted to $431,812,583, against $480,2-18,300, in 1877, showing a decrease 1878 of $48,433,717. The total exports for 1878 amounted to $737,150,611, a gainst $620,302,412 in 1877, showing an increase in 1878 of $116,853,199. The total foreign trade of the United Utates, exports and imports, exclusive of specie and bullion, showed for 1STS, $1,108,968,104, against $1,100,548,712 for 1877, or au increase of $08,419,482. Tho differenca between a Congressman and an ex-Congressman, is strikingly illustrated in the oase of Mr. Cain, colored, of South Carolina, who is now an assistant inessenger in the Treasury Department at $1.50 per duy, and again in the case of the carpet-bagger, ex-Beutor Couover of Florida, who is now an employee in the custouis service at $1 a "day. As members of Congress they drew $5,000 a year andniileage. SouiethiiiK of a drop, _1__ Fulfllltnciit of a Si:perslltïon. The story of a strange superstition, and its still inoreremarkablefulfillment, comes to our ears from Coilamer. It appears that some time ago the wellbeloved wito of a rich farmer named Bostwick living in that tovvn departed this life. Parmer Bostwick had been all his lifotiino an enthusiastic and devoüt believer in spiritualism. After bis wife's death he anxiously waited a message from the land of shade, and dcferred the ereotion of a fitting monument over his lost love's resting place until she could desígnate the style oí bead stone she was partial to. ín lifu she had eaten opium. On that accouut she ouldnotgive the desired information, until the aníEsthetie wasfully eradicated from her systeni. Now comes tUe marvel. Farmer Bostwick waitod patiently tor tidinga from tho other world, but none eame. Then the idea that his own taking-off was ncar at hand took possession of him. With this solemn thought in his head he contracted with the sexton of the ocmetery to (lig his grave, paying out !f 10 for the labor. One day last week ho made a trip to tho nearost undertaker, and on paying down $99 cloaed an agreement with that personage to properly inter his bones. On his way home Bostwiek feil from his wagon and died. He was buriod at Collainer on Priday last, Rev. Dr. Calthrop officiating. This is the story as told to us.


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