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- U. S. supremo oourt justico Iluntis getting well. - Tulinudgo goes to Europe on a threo months ltínvo Oi' absence. - Williaoi Lloyd Garrison, one of the pioneer anti-slavery agitators, died last week. -The widow of President Polk is still living in Nashvillo, a spriglitly, wcllpreserved dame. - üeorgia's four per cents are all sold out, and still the brigadiers are running this country to ruin. Too bad - too bad! - The sole survivor of old Ossawattomie's coinpauions in bis raid at ILirpcr's Ferry has turned up in tho Kochoster, N. Y., pil. - It is said tb at Mr. Pond (lï. W. Beocher'a lecture agent) has offorod Jeff Duvis 400 a night to leotura through the north next season. Mr. Henry Bergh is again in luck. He was infornied last weok by a woalthy lady that she has lefc hia society $25,000 in her will. - Secretary Sherman says he don't want tho nomination of Governor. He won't throw the Presidenoy over bis shoulder, though. Gfen. Pemberton, who surrcndored Vicksurg to Grant, has taken up bis residence in Philadelphia, and desires to resume his citizenship. - Col. Thomas A. Scott has a salary of f 100,000 as president of seven railways. The Pennsylvama Central pays about one-fourth of the amount. - Mark Gray, who shot at Edwin Booth a few evenings ago, has been pronounced insane by the criminal court at Chicago and eent to the Elgin nsylum. -Col. D. E. Anthony, of tho Leavenwortbi Times, refasea to be a candidate for Governor, and says that the l'imes office is a good deal bigger thau any the State of Kansas has to give. The dedication of 8. Patrick's new cathcdral in New York on Sunday bro't together tho largest gatheriog of distinguishod dignitaries in tho church ever bcfore assembled in America. - Eobert Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas are both practicing law in cago anl both are prominent in politics. Illinois inay again be called to chooso at the polls botween a Douglas and a Lincoln. - The Rochester Thoological Seminary is to receivo gifts froiu five well known New York laymeu amounting to $142,000. Tho ñames of theso gentlemen are J. B. Hoyt, J. B. Trevor Charles Pratt, and the brothers llockafeller. Mr. Hendricks, in reply to an interviewer says: "I do not proposo to be a candidato for vice-president with any one, and as far as I am concerned the oíd ticket will not be in tho fluid." Mr. H.will be re-noiuinated and will run all the samo. - The late Thoodore B. Weber, of Chicago, who was fatally shot by Mrs. Roberts a few dnys agodied worth some 1115,000, a moiuty of which bis will directs to be used in fouuding a Germán college in Chicago after the pattorn of . _■■ " 'i ' ',- l rnljirinne teaching or excrcises and religious teachers to be j)ositively and permanently excluded therefrom.


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