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Cliancery Sale LÁTATE OFilIOIIIGAN, THE C3RCÜITC0ÜRT lor the Coauty of - in Ch ncery. Lm her James, coraplninaot, vs. (tor&e Speech ley, John Vanostiiz aun Thotaaa Speecbley.defeiwlantB, In purs nance ind by virtne of H (fecrdö ui' said Court, made and enterca by aid oourt, in the abovf ODÜtled rausr 'Mi the '2-1 th dny of Jauiuuy A. D. 1S79. Noüce is hereby giren 'hut l shall stil t public auetion, to the highest bulder, on Mnmiay !}!■ 26th day of M.iy A. D. 1879, at 10 o'cluck in the foreooon it. tbt; cast front dourof the Cnurt botiBd in the city of Asn Arbor, County of Wahtenaw and state of Miohigwn, the follöwing deacrlbed real estáte being the samo tuentioned mul Aesertbed in said decree, towit: Tlitit part of tóhe vest half of the eet belf of the noxthwest qnaricr of bocUod nutnber twent y, townshfp two sou t b rurge, si x esst Im's on mul li ilde of th3 hignway running north-west f rom tbeSpriOg milis so oftlled in tht city of Aun Arbor al'orosaid coutainiiig thirtyftve acres of land. Datcd April 10, 1870. JAMES MoMAHON, Circuit Court ConiiriiNioiici1 in and for the County of Waehtenaw. Joiin N. Goït, Esq.tSoIicitor försaid Complainaat. Chaficery Siiie. STATE OF MICHIGAN, THE OIBCUIT COURT for the County of Washtenaw - ia Chaneery. James Ottlcy and Jane Ottley, complainanta, vs. Illijali W. Morgan and The Ann Arbor t-avingfl Bank, defeudants. In pnrsimnce and by virtue of a decree of said court made and entered by saicl court in the above entitled canse on the day of .lanuary, A. D, 1879. 2frUca is hereby oiyD that I sball sell at public uuction to tbc highest Mdder, on Mondaï, tuk Twkn i v-.Sixth day of May, A. D. 1S7ÍI, at ten oVlock in the l'or;noon, :it the cast front duur of tlie Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, county of Washtanaw and State of Iflchigan, the folluwiug doscribed real estate,bcii the Ë$xae noeotioned and dOMrfbed in the said decree, to wit: Beinj; block nmuber six soutli in range niunbor ai x east, Ín tbecitj of Ann Arbor, county of Waehtenaw and Btate ot MksbigMn, exctepting lot numbex 18 and tUe watt huif of Iota une and two. Uated April 10, 1879. JAMES McMAHON. Circuit Court Coxamisaloner ín and for the Couniy of Wa.shlen.n . John N. Oott, Ksq.jSolicitorioiöuidCompUiuant. Towels, BApkinü, tulilo linons, spccinl burgains in t Liegt gouás ut Bnch i. Abul's Ot'KKA HOUSE, ANN' AK11OR. G. J. WniTNEY, I.. 88 aud Manager. EETTTEIM !(H ONE NLOnT ONLY. Txaesclay, .TUTVlil 3 ! TI3K TrfaCiAÏS. EJ5VI2K. rmnous Comear Comp&njj in tho (ireut Xatiouul CuiLiL'iiy, Oiir MÉw House. Tiio ("Mi T'-'-t Rnecoss of th Decade. Seveo dlsttnet mXi;ff Vni-k. Re -en gag ed for the ftoason, pfmrteon hit tv! red per forran &ces. The eeléUrnie 1 Coniediü n: fjnwreiioe Mradfurd, Joa ph ]■. W. J. ( "oirswell. 1-. Il..Wil!anl, W. A. Mack, Henry Searlea, ewisClaxtcMï, Arthur Flojel, Miss Am.'liii V;iii'.;h, Miss Samh Lac 'Hom, Mis- Afielad e T hom ton, iiss Elïa flunt, Miss JeflFHce Morris, Miss Helen AJ-ll, Little Lydia, and the catire New York casi wifl appenr. Remember, N the aaly eompauy in Au With theauthor'setaiupof upprovai. The unqueliniif-l siiw-is nt Hi e onormous New York runs. i :■ e cvi rywhere, in :ill papers, the cordial enclorsemeat ui most eoiuplete inerit. Thk LoWE9T PoPCLAït Piiices. - Admfmton 2ö. .vi ;uk) 7.") et. Reaerved Seatn a J. C. Watts1 Jcwelry Store rithoui extra cfearge. TTNIVERSITY TONSORIAL - ASI)13 su tita. Booms I CALL AND BBB OÜR CIGAES & TOBACCOS, ti:y orit Chewing and Smoking Tobáceos. TOJíSORlAI ROOM- all wHito operator. Jhiir Cutting, Bhumpooixig, and Shaving, 'm tlie best and latist styles. Satisfaction guarantted. TH15 ONLY H.VTII BOOMB IX TUK CITY. ítS CENTS A BATJH. TOO CIIEAP TO GO DIEIÏ! Ho. S Xorth Main Streot, Ann Arbor. G. C. SCHUTT lístate of Joscpli I. Barken OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COÜNTY O of Wushtenaw, sh. Xotice is hereby givcn, thatby :in ordes of the Probate Court fortheCounty of Washteóaw, madeon the twenty-sixth diiy of May, A. P. 1871), six mor.tbs irorri lliat 'late yere allowcd for cfeditors to present their olaima againat the estáte of JoBepfa I Barker,lateof said county, dccensert, and that all creditora of said deceased are rf-quired to ijresont their claims to Baid Probate Court, at the Probate Office in tlie city of Ann Arbor, for exaniinaüou and allowance, on or before tlie twenty-sixth day of NovonibtT next, and that snch claims wlH be heard before s.úd Court, on Tuesday the twenty-sixth day of August andonWednesday the fewe'aty-sixthday of November next, at ten o'clock iii tlie Torenoon of each of said days. Dated, Ann Arbor, May 26, A. D. 1H79. WILLIAM D. HABKIMAN, Judc of Probate. fuemítueí UPHOLSTERYI .i. A.MUKHLIG 35 SOUTH MAIN STREET, AnnoiiDCOs to the public tliat he is better than ever prepared to show them t complete stock of Furniturc, comprising BED EOOM SUITES, PAELOE SUITES, SOFAS, TETES, CHAIR8, &c, &C, At prices wonderfully low. KSF Cali and see our stock. A NEW GROCERY ! AT 16 EAST HURÓN STREET, GASPAR RINSEY Has opened a new stock of Groceries at the above location, comprising everything in the line at bottom. prices - aud purchased exclusively for cash. From a long experience in tho trade, retail nnd wholcsalê, he believea He can scll gooas fts cheap as tho cheapest. CALL AND SEE HIS PRICES! All (Joods Wiuranfed First-CIass. Farmers produco -wanted for wbich tho highest cash price will be paid. U" Eemember the place, 16 East Huron Street, Ann Arbor. T INS1SY & SEABOLT'S Bakery, Crocery, AND . FLOUR AND FEED STORE. Wc keep constantly on liund BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c, For Wholeaale and Kctail Trade. "H'u BluUl also keep a supply of DELHI PLOTJE, J. II. Swifl "'. Best White Wheat Flour, lty Flimr, ISm-kwheat Flntir, Corn AI cal, l?eel, &C, &c, C At Wholesale aml retail. A general stock of GEOCEEIES AND PROVISIONS consluntly on hand, wbieh wili bo sold on as reftflooable tonus as iit uny oilier house ia the city, Cashpiaid foi Butter, Egga, aud Country Produce generaljy. pGoodfl deliverod to iny part of the city wilhout extra charge. KINSKY & SKAÏ5OLT. Aiiu Arbur, Jan. 1, 1879. MICHieAN'liliMlGADEMT. Séndfor Camlofu. Owbüahd Lku, Mic-h. Chancery Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, TUK CIRCUIT COURT (or the Oouuty of Washtenaw - in Cluuicery. Lu t lier Jumes, eumplainnu', vs. Martin Uyan, Cathorind Jiyan, and Ziua P. Kioff, dofeudants. In pursuaftce and by vírtue of a deoree of Baldcourt made and entered by said court iti tlie abore en titled eause on the Uh da y of Jauuary, A J. is;.). Notice i-; hereby L:i-ell thai I sball eell at public auctioito the hifihest bidder, on MoNDAY, 'hik Tw r.NTY-sixi ii iay op May, A. I. 1879, at teo o'clcKÜt in the foreuoon, at the east f root door of Mie Cmhii House in the city of Ann Arbor, coanty of Waahteaaw and State of Michigan, the lolluwinti de ribed rttJ eitateb&Iog the eammenlioued aiid d Bcribed a said decreei t wit : All that certaio trct or païeel oi land sitúate aad being En the towuahi]) qt Nürthöeld, cuunty of Waahtenawand Si;i!' of Michigan, and dcBcribed as foUows,to wit : Beinst the nortn half of tlio northeoat quarier of section number mixteen in tawnahlp ono SOtttta rangf 8i east, aoooxdiug to the United Suites, survu y containing cigliiv acres of land. Duted, April 10, ÏST'J. JAMES McMAHON, Circuit Court Conunissioner in and for the Oounty of Waiit' n:iw. John N. (ïott, Solicitor tor said Complamant. CÏEAYED OE STOLEN ! During the night of F'rklay, Mny 19, A DARK BROWN MARE, 9 yeara old, weii:hs about 1,000 Ibs., witb aara slightly tipped. Any person returning hor or furin Ihing information ui her wbereabouti will be liiiaially rowarded. o. H. avinslow. BUaabeÜi Street, Aao Arbor. LEGAL NOTICES. Kfrtai ■ oí Miiry A. Thayor. QTATE O F BÍICH1GAX, COUNTY O ol' At ísessiou ofH.e l'robate 'uurt for tiii; Couuty uf Wiishteuaw, holden :it the róbate Office n the city of Aun Arliur. cin Thurs:iv,ilic nlteuth day uf May, n the year one honsand eicrht liundivd and Keveuty-nie. l'r. ■-.■ni, william '■. lliirriman. Judge uf Frooate. In the matter of the estáte illary A Thayer 4, Charlea lliayet, Clnriesa S. Uaye una ►Valter I. Huyes, executurs of last will and t( snniii o: lid ! ceáaedtconie futo cdurt and mpresent limt tley are-now prepartd in rouder thcir mnuül accouut as such exccuioTs. Thereu) in il is ordered, tlial Tucsday, the thhd lay of Juue next, al teu o'clock in tbe furenooB, !"■ laa'igiied f xamining aad allowlng Bucb account. and thal the di itee and neira at law "I nid Ueceasod, and al! oiher persooa ïnterested in sail estáte, are roquired t appoar a asesa! said court,then tobe holden ai tbe Probate Otbce in tbe city of Aun Arbor, in aid county, and slioti causo i! a'ny thcre be, vvby the said uccouni tihüiilt nni bu alluwed: And il isfutthur ordercü tbat said exeoutn glfn notice to Iba porao" i n -.-i . i i! in snid estáte, ui' pendency of sala locount aod tlie hearing thereof, by caualng a eopy ol thisoidei t" l,r puUIührd in the Miciiioa .VKirs, a oewspaper priotfdaud drculating in .iiil conuty, two uccix-uve weeks prevlnua to sald iay of hearing. IA. true cony] W1I.1.1AM I). LI A BR l.M AN, Judgcot l'robato. Wm. G. Dotï, Probato Register. Batirte of Samuel Cross. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COXJNTY O of Washtfhuw, ss. At a KUlon of tlu; Probate Court for the Cotinty oí Washtenaw, holdcu at Hit Probate Office in the cuy of Aun Arbof. on BaturÍy, thetenth day of May, In tlie yem onethous;nt"l eiht liumli-.'d unit soventy-nie. Present, WilUaiu I. llarriman, Judge of Probote. In the ráatttcr of the estáte of Samuel Croas, deJorlin Forbea and .Times N. Cros, adminiítrators of Bid evtute, comes irrto eourt und ropreseni Ibaí they "re now prepared lo reader theii final tcesotit na pucb aduiiuisi rato. Thereupon it la ordered, that Toesday, the t oní li ihiy of .Tune next, at ten o'clook in Un ion," be aMLaed for eximiniTig afid rUottin; such ceouut, nd that the beira :a law of 8aid deccased, and all other persons Ínteresteá in stiíd estáte, are required to appear ;u n n of s:iid court, tin-u to be boldun at the ['roliaie oilii'c in the cityof Aun Arbor In sald cuunty and sho cause, if any thtïe bê, why the sakl acconnt should notifac alluwtxi. And it i furthci ordered Ibal said dníiaistrntois givo notico to the ueraona interested in said estete ol t lie pendenBy of -.u-i a v, nut aml the lloarlng thcreof, by naiiBinii :i eopy of t order to be published in tbc MirinoAS kgus, a uewspspet printed and eireulatinrf in saïd county, three BUecessive weeks previeuítoB8!ddajfOtb[LnÜAMP.HAunrANl (A tnie copy.) Jiideof Probate. W.m. (.. Dmv. Probate'ister. Estáte f Williaro Iancer, OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COTTNTT, O of Washleniiw, ss. At s session of the Probate Court for the County of Waahtenaw, holden at Lhtl'robiite UtBee in the city of Aun Albor, on Tliursday, the. fifteenth d:y of May, iu tbe year onethousand ei"lit hundrcd rf sevanty-nlne. Present, WUliivm I). Harrimns, Judjte of Probate. In the maUcr bt tbe estáte of William Danoar, deoenaed. Aloxandor Dancêr, exccutor of the lnsl will and testament of lid üoctasad.iuincsintocoiu! iU!1l representa that he i now prepared to render his final account asauch eseontor. Thoreupon it laordered, thit Wedncsday, the I1th day of Jane next, al ten o'clocfc ii tlie fnrrnoon, be aasigned for examinlne and allowini; siich account, and that the deviseea, Mgateea and licirs at law of sai. I di'ceasfil, and all othcr persons iotercstid in aaid estáte, are reqalrcd to appear at a session of i irt, liten te be holden at tbe Probate Office, in the city of Ano Arbor, in said coBnty, and Bhow canse, If any tiiete be, why tbe Bld account shoiild not be alloned : And it la furUter orícred, that said execator give notice to the persons interested n saH ostatc, of thc pendeney Ot said account md the hearing tln'rcof, by causing a copy of th! order to be published ín the Mmbigam Abóos, a Dewspaper pnnted and oirculating in said county, thrce succeseive weeka previoua to said day ií' hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, [A truc copr.] Judge oí Probate. Wal. ti, Doí'Y, Probate Register. lístate of J:icol ïierry. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COUKTY of Washtenaw, sa. At a session of the Probate Court for the Oounty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tnursday, the flfteenth day of May, in the yoar one thousand eiht hundred and seventy-nine. Present, William I). Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter ot the estato of Jacob Iierry, deOn r'eading and flling the petition, duly verified, of Clarissa I. Berry, praying that a certain instrument now on fiie in this Cuuit, pinporting to be the lust will and tnstmmt of said deceascd, niay bc admitted to probate, and that she niay be appointed executrix thereof. Thereupon it iaordered, tlint Sfonilay, the mutn day of June nexl, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of snid petition, and th;.t the aeviseea, legatees, ana heira at luw of said deceased, and all other persons intcrested in eaid estáte, are required to appear at a stssion of Faid Oourl, then to be holden at the Probate otnce, in the City of Ann Arbor, and slww cause, íf any there be, why the prayer of the petitiomr sliould not be granted: And it is further ordered that aaid petitioner givc notiee to the persons interesled in said eetate, of the pendeucy ot said petition, jïnd the liearinir thereof, by caiismiï a copy of this oraer to oe puonsnca m tne .-viihigan .iituuo, n newspaper printed and circulated in said eounty, three successive weeks previous to said day ot hearing. ■WILLIAM D. nARHIMAN, ( A true copy.) Ju Ige of Probate. William (i. Dott, Probate Register. Estáte of Krastus "Whalej. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw, ss. At a seasion of the Probate Court for the Oounty of Washlenaw, holden at the Probate Oíñce in the city of Aan Arbor, on Wednesday, the fourtoenth day of Muy, in the year one Ihousand ei'jht hundred and Eeventy-nme. Present, William D.Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of theestate of Erastus 'Whaley, deceased Onreading and filing the petition, duly verlfied, of James ll.C'ongdon, attorney in fact of Eliza B. Wood, prayinfcthat G. W. Turn Buil may be appointed adininistrator de bonis non of the estáte of s;iid dcceased. Thereuponit is ordered, tbat Monday, the nmth day of June next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be asaigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the heira at law of said dcceased, and all other persona intereated in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court then to be holden at the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the praycr of the petitioner should not be granted : And it is further ordered that said petitioner give notice to the persons interestcd in said catate, ot the pendency of said petition and the hearing thereof, by causing ft copy of thla order tobe published in the Michigan Argcs, a newspaper printed and circulatcd in aaid county, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearinpr. WILLIAM D. HARIUMAN, (A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. (J.Doty, Probate Register. Éstate of Conrad O. Helber. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Waahtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Otlice in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday the twenty-second day of May in the year one thousand eiglit buudred and seventyPresent, William P. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Coürad (J. Helber, dceeasod. Cbtiitian Ilellicr, adininistrator of said estáte comes i uto court and representa that he is now preparad to ronder hU flual account na euch adniinístrator. Thereuponit is ordered, thtit edncsday, thc eleventh day of June next, at ten o'clock in the assigned for examining and allowing such account, and that the heirs ftt law oí said deceased, and all other persona interested ín said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court, tlicn to be bolden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and Bhow causo, if any there be, why the said account should not be allowed; And i.t is furlher ordered, that said administrator give uotice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of aaid account, and the hearing thereof. by causing a copy oi this order to be published in the Michigan Aiigus, a newspaper printed and circulating in said eounty, tbree biiccessive weeks previous to snid day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HAKltlMAN, ( A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. Q. Doty, Probate Registor. Notice of CliaiK'ry Order. STATE Of MICHIGAN, THB CIRCUIT Court for the County of Washtcuaw, in Chanccry Almira Tliompson, Complainant, vs. Silas TiiompHoii, Defendunt. Washtenaw County, ss. It satisfactorily appearing to me Silas Thotnpaon, the defendant, ia a non-resiiíent of thia Btate, on motion of Cramer, FruraulF & Corbiu, solicitors and of oounMl for the complainant, it ia ordered that the sid aafendaut, Sifas Thompion, eaun bta appeaianoe in tbis oauee to beratcred witbin threa months irum the date of this order, and tbat In oase of'hla appearnnce he capee lus answer to the oompUunanfa liill of oomplnint to ue tiled in tiiis cause and Ihereof to uo served on the complainant'a solicitara -vvitllin twenty (l;iys nitor duo service of a copy of aid bill on the defendant r hia solicitor and a no: ice of tlns ordar, and 111 default thereof that thc said bil! bu taken as coiifessed by the said defendant. And it is further ordered thnt within twonty daya thesaidconiphiinant cause a notice oi thia order to be mblished in the Mhiiigan Argus, a weekly paper printed n the city of.Ann Arbor, in said county, and that the said publicatinu be con. tinued in said paper at least once in ach week for six successive weeks, or that she cause a copy of this order to bc personally servedon tbesudd fenilaut, Sihis Thonipson, ut least twonty dajs beiore the time abOTS prescribed for bis appcarance. Dated, Ann Arbor, May , 1879. ÏAMEB MoMAHON, Circuit Court Commissioner for Washtenaw County, Mich. Cbamsb, FsrrjkAUW & Coiuiïn, Solkitors and of Counsel for Complainant. FarmarS THE ECHO MICHIGAN "FARMER From now until Jan. 1, 1880, for $1.00. The Echo, the Weekly edition of Thr Kvening News, is a spicy sheet, devottd cntircly to news and miscellany. The Farmer is well known as a standard Agriciiltural journ;d, and was ncver better than it is to-lay. S 1 00 pays fur both papers from now until the first of January next, postale included- just thc cost of the white paper. Sciid in your dolhu at once. Price too low to alhnv of seadlos out s.miplw, OTtr ofit'H for öo davs only. üirect all orders to THE tVKNINÜ NEWS. Detrüix. LEGAL NOTICES. Cliancery Sale. UTATE OF MICHIGAN, THE CIRCUIT COURT for tlie Couuty of Washtenaw, ia Chancery. Dewit H. Taylor, Guardian of Arthur II. Champlin, complainant, vs. Tracy W. Root and Ezra C. Seaman, dofendants. ín pursuatice and by virtue of a decree of said Court made and entered by said Court in the above entitled cause, on the 23d day of January, A. D. 1S79. Notice ia hereby giren that I shall sell at public auction, to the lrighest bidder, On MONDAV, THE SlXTKENTH HAY OF JüNE, A. D. 1S79, at ten o'elock iu the forenoon, at the eat front door oí the Court House, in the city of Aun Albor, CouLty ui' Washtenaw nnd State of Michigan, the following descrioed real estáte, being the same nientioncd and described in said deeree, to wit: All thnt certain piecfe or parcel of land situated in the County of Washtimaw and ïState of Michigan, known, bounded and described as folluwa, to wit : Beginning at a atake five chama north of the center of section number twenty-eight in towoahip two south range six east on the quarter line, and running thunce easi parallel to the nurtL line of Furest Hill Oenietery as it now runs on the east and west quarter line twen i y chaina and thirty-iive links, thence north iorty six minutes east six teen chains and eighty-eifiht links, thenoe south eighty-seven depreca and fifty-six minutes west eightehains and thirty-nine links, thence southeasterly along the caat bounds of lands now owned by ITolman and O'Toolesix chains and sevunty links, thence west parallel to the east and wfst quarter line twelve chains and fifty links thence south on the quarter line ten chains and sixty-four links to the land of ChaiK-aT. Wilniot to the place oí' bezinning. Also the followingdesfiribed pincel of land sitúate in the same towBship and range, couny and State afores;iid, beginning at fchè point where the half qnarter lino betweeu the east and west halves of the northeasi quarter of aaid seetion number twenty-eiffht Intersecta thu middlo of the ravine eight chaina and two links a&Hh oi the nontbeast corner oí Foxeat Hill Cera te ry srounda, thence northeasterly alpng the middle of the raviae to the Huron river, thence along the south and west bank nf said river to the north and south half quarter line of said quaiter section, thence south along said half quarter line to the place of begin iiing, oontatning about rive ayris of land more or Iess. All of the above deeoríbed laQds being the same purchaocl by Baïd Tracy VP. Koot of Philetua Starka and Wife, Henry F. AMertou nnd wife, Jacob Vollnnd nnd wife, and CharlcsT. Wil mot and wife, and BUpposed to coutain abt thlrty-three unes more or Iess, twethei with the hereditaments and appurtenanoöB fehereunto belening orín anywise appertaiDing. April 2ii, A. D. 1879. JAMES McMAHOIT, Circuit Court Commiaslonei in and for the Countj of Wnshtenaw. A. Felch, Esq., öolicitoï for Öomplainant, Commissioiicr' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN", COUNTY ol Washt(Tifiw,ss. The undersignedhavingbeen appointed by the Probate Court for said County, Commissionerfl to reecivc. exiunine nul adjust all claims and (Iemands of all persona agajnat the Catate of Cathexine Broas, late of said county, dex ased, hereby give noiice that six montlw iroiu date are allowed, by order of aaid Probate Court, lor Credikora tn present their claims aainst the estáte of said deceaeed, and that they will meet at the store of Emanuel Mann, in the city ol'Ann Arbor, in sald county, on Friday the ftfteenth day of August and on Baturday theüfteenth day of November next, at ten o'clock A. M., of each oí' said daya, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated, May l.oth, A. D. 1879. .TORN GBORGE KOCII,") BLIHU B.rONI), 5-CominissionersKMANI EL MANW, J Beal Batato for Sale. STATF ÜF MICHIGAN, COUNTï of Washicnaw, B8. In tbematterof theestateof Jacob Baaerdeoeased. Notiec is hereby given, ttu.t in pursuftiice of u n order gxanted to the uudersifjned, administratojr de bonia non of the eetat&of saiddeceased, by the Bon. Judge of Probate for the Comnty of Wahtenaw, on the twexity-flixtii day of April, A. D, 1879, there will be sold tt public vendue, tothe hiffbest bidder, at the residence of aidde6eased,ai Lodi, ín the County of Washtenaw, m said State, uu Wednesday, theeishteenütday ot' June, A. D. 1879, at ton o'clock in the forenoon of thnt day f subject to all encumbrancet by mortgage or otherwise ezistinf af the timo of the death o!' said deoeased, and also subject to the rürht of dower of the wïdow of aaid deceatfed m said real estáte) the tbllowing deaoribed peal estáte, to wit : The west half ut' the southwest quarter of section number thirfy-one (31) and tho west twenty (20) acres of the easthalf of the BOuthwflet quatcox of said sectloD (81) in town thrce f3) south rango five (5) eaat (Lodi), in Michigan. And ten (10) acres of land o (f the northeasi corner of the north sixfy (Cu) aeres if the easi hall ui' Lhenortheut quarter of section number thlrty-six C36) in town thrce f3J south range four (4) east (Freedom), in Mit'ln Dated, April 36, 1870. AAKON L. VELDKAMP, Admiiiiütrator de bouia nun. LEGAL NQTICES. Mortgage Sale.; DEFAÜLT HAYING BEEN MADE IN THK conditions of a eertain mortgage bearing date the eleventh day of July, oue thousand eisrht hundred and suventy-six, made and executed by Charles (í winner and Ëlisabeth Gwinner, hii wife, both of the iillage ot' Manchester, Washtenaw County, M ichigan, as mortgagors, to John Conrad Binder, of' thc township of líridtfewuter, county of Waahteikuv and State of Michigan, a mortgagee, and" recorded on the twenty first day of August, A. D. 187G, at 234 ■' M-i n líber 51 of mortgages, on pago í;:U, in theoitice of the Register of Deed s for th county of Washtenaw, Michigan, and more tban sixty days having elapsed siuee default was made in the payment of interest and principal due thcreby according to the terras of said raortgnge and the note aeeompanying the same, giving the mortgagee the right to elect tliat the whole eum of principal and interest should be due and owing at once, nd 11, said mortgagee having so made his election aud there being claimed to be due on said mortgage and the note aforementioned at the date of this notice the sum of nine hundred and two dollars, and no proeeediug at lftW or in equity haring been instituted to recover the same or any part thoreof : Notice is therefore Iiereby given, that bj virtue of a power oí sale in said mortgage contained, and of the statute in such caaes made and provided, I hall sell at public auction or vendue, to the highest bidder, on Baturoay, the TwknttSixth day of July, A. D. 1S79, &t ten o'clock in the forenooD of said day, at Ihe south door of the Court Jlouae (that beiiifi the place for holding the circuit court for the county oi Washtenaw, Mieht gan), the premisos described in said mortgage, as follows, to wit: All those eortaïn pieces 01 parcela of land sitúate and being in the village of Manchester, Ín the county of "Wushtenaw and State of Michigan, and benig more particular deeeribed in a de6u given by Qtristophei Eatz, liia wife, and Jacob Kut and Anna Mary Katz, his wife, of the towashlp of .Manchester, county and State aforesaid,to Charles Gwinner, and being recorded in the liegister's Ufliee of Waöhtenaw county, in líber 5:ï of deeds, on page 729, on the 17th day of August, 1864; and ateo In s deed given by John W. Cowan and Dorens Cowan, his wife, of the town of Sha ron cmiTitv and State nforesaid, to Charles Gwinner, and being recorded in the Register's Office of Washtehaw county, Ín liber 63, page 816; and also ïu a áeed given by William H. and Cedelia Beisae, his wife, of Manchester, coanty and State aforesaid. to Charles (winner, and betng recorded io iater'e Office of Washtenaw county, in liber 66 page 482. Itbeiu expressly hereby intended by the partiesoí the first part th:tt tliia mortgage is to cover their ectirc interest onder the last men tioned thrce deeds. The said premisos being degcribed in tïje deeda above mentioned. as follows, towit: Puit ef lot number seven ia block nuniber in the village of Manchester, beginning at the novl hwest corner of saïd lot thence south on a parallel line with the line of said lot sixty-two and one-half iet-t,thonce east on a line parallel with the south line of said lot thirty-two feet, thence north on a line parallel with the eti&t line of said lot, sixty-two and one half feet, thence west thirtytwofeet to the place óf besinninar i also being fire roda off eoutheasterly end of village lot niniber 1 block number three in the village of Manchester; a]?-o part of lot se ven in block number three of the village of Manchester, beginning sixty-two and one-half ieet south of the northwest corner of said lot, running thence east thirty-twn ï-vi, thence south thirty-eight feet, thence west thirty-two feet, thence north thirtyeighl feet to the place of bogin-ning. Suid premiee will be sold to Batisfy the arnount so claimed to be due, with the interest acciuing after this date and an attoruey fee of thirty dollars proTided for in said mortgage, aiul the costs and expenses allowed bj Iftw. Dated, April 22, 137!). JOHN CONRAD BINDER, Mortgagee. CllAMEH, FKTTKATJFF& COBBIIT, Attorncys for Mort gag ec. Shcriff's Sale. STATE OF MTCniGAN, COUNTY Of Washtenaw, ss. Ini Bassett ys. Noah 8teen.i. By virtue or t writ of execution issued out of and raider the seal of the Circuit Coart for the county of Washtenaw, in the above ontitled cause, and to mi od delii ered, T diilon the nineteenth day of Maren, A. D. 1879, ïery upon 11 the right, titleand intenal of Noah Stevens, the defendaui inaaid writ named, in and to the fol)twing described real estáte situaled in the oonnty of - 11 iw, State of Michigan, to wit : Lotinumn '7j and seventeen 07), section fonr In Risdon'a plftt oi' tbe TÜlage oi" Saline, town fonr Etouth range live east; also the east half of the southeast qnarter of section thirty-three, town three south range fivo eaat, county of Washtenaw, State of Michigan. Which above deseribed real mtate 1 ahall sell at publie vendue to the highest bidler at the north door of the Cowrt House in the city of Aun Arbor, in said county of Washtenaw, (tlmt being the ilace of holding the Circuit Court where the premiaes are situated) on the Sbvcnth nw op July, A. D. 187a, at two o'clock in tbe afernoon of' tliat day. Datöd, May 23, 1879. JOSIAH B. CAÖE, Sheriff.


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