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- Milán furiiishes Toledo people witli milk. - Now uniformsfor Jklancliostur's brass band have arrived. - Dexter has a jrosperous lodgo o i' the American oic7er of united workmen. - Ypsilanti talks of a town clook to bo put in the tower of its uew school building. - Ezra B. Norris is Mauchester's newly appointed village attorney. Ben. Conklin, clerk. - Ezra Smith has removed frotn Milán to Ann Arbor and engagod with the T. and A. A. Co. - Messrs. Gates and Little master meehanics, are making estimatcs of the oost of a ncw residenoe for Hon. Samuel Post of Ypsilanti. - The partioulars of the seoond fatal casuajty in this county last week, by which a young manlost his lifa by drowning, aro given in ourBridgewater letter. - Samuel Aulcliffof Manchester, attempted suicide on tho 21th by cuttiug his throat with a razor. He was prevented by his hired man, who was cut about the hands. - The aggregate claims against the iirm of A. P. Wood & Co. of Saline, ainount to about $1,800, of which Baatty, Fitzsiramons & Co., held $110.25 and elosed thein up with an execution. - On Weduesday night of last week tho barn of Byron Kuhl of Sharon burned, consuming its contents exeepting sheep and one horse. Loss estimated at $1,500. Insured in tho Washtenaw Germán Co. - G. D. Kies of Clinton has set out 3,000 young fruit trees on his farm in Bridgewater, and the woodchucks aro making such ravages among them, that he is paying a bounty of' ten cents on every woodchuck killed. - Monday morning a young man named Miller had his hand cut up by a circular saw while employod in sawing wood on a farm just north of Ypsilanti. Twofingers werocomplotoly sovered and two more so nearly that arnputation will be necessary. - Early on Thursday morning of last week, C. K. Chapman, a freight brakeman, was instantly killed on the Michigan Central Ruilroad, near Chelsea, by falling between two cars wheri the train was in motion. He was a married man, and resided on Congress streot, Detroit. - Tho next regular meeting of the Washtenaw County Pioneer Society will bo held at Ypsilanti June i. The selection and furnishing ot a room for tho socioty in the new Court House will bo considered, and other questious of special interest to the society. A general attondance is requested. - Many Ypsilanti people growl - apparently with good reasons - at tho Michigan Central railroad engineers, who take fiendish delight in blowing their steam whistles and casing up their safety valves in that city. Tho whistle business in particular has grown to be an intolerable nuisánco there. At tho close of the school year in Manchester, six ladies and four gentlemen will gradúate. Thereafter the public school will be conducted by the folio wing persons: Principal, Prof. Kobinson; Assistant, Prof. C. F. Field ; Miss Minnio Hunt will bo retained in tho Grrammar Eoom, Miss Alta Colwell in tho Intermediale, Miss Alice liichinond in tho Second Primary, and Miss A. E. Shcckell iu the First Primary. Miss Frank Siuimins of Sharon, an 'invalid, has made a inini?,turo villa complete, with its furnituro, from piano down to the cookstove in the oellar kitchen, together with its surrounding grounds, trees and shrubbery, covering a epaeo about equal to tho surface of an ordinary diningtablo. Considering that the wholeisformedof paper, card-board, bits of wood and wax, with no other tools but a penknife and pair of scissors, the result shows no ordinary ingonuity and patienco. - An accident Tuosday of last weck at the Ypsilanti Paper Couipany's upper inill, by whicli Frank Jons lost a thumb, has been followed by several moro in tbc samo establishment. C. C. Vrooman, wlio took bis place, caught bis hand in a calendering machine, smashing two fingers, Saturduy afternoon. Saturday evening, it is said, olthough inquines have failed to substantiate it anothcr employee was hurt, and Sunday Mr. Cliamberlain, a ïnillwright employed thero, was kuockcd down and scverely hurt by a falliug plank. - Tho nccidcnr, whiuh causod tli death of Mis. Todd is dctailed by ou Northfiold correspondent. - Joseph Wugner of Suio has deedei 120 acioa of tho oíd Nowland farm loca tod ia Scio to his son John G. - Mr. and Mrs. John C. Taylor o Chclsea, lately celebrated tho 14th nn niversary of nriitriuionial lifo. - Boys took ftll the fish, including lake tSupurior trout frora tho private pond of John Gilbert of Ypsilanti. - C. S. W. Baldwin of Ypsilanti, los a dress coat from his state room on boiird stoamor en routo from Cleveland to Detroit. - Elbert Tato, salesman for several yeara in Cüntou, will horoafter smile across the counter of J. H. Miller in Manchester. - Erasuius Iogan of Manchester, has roceived a pension certifícate allowing liim $2.00 per month from June 18G5, about 14 yoars. It was for woands leceived in battlo. - A large meeting was held at Lapliara's Corners in Salem, on Sunday aftornoon. Michael Panning of Ohio addressed the audionco. ïwonty-three signatures were obtuin.1.