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- The Delta Kappa Epsilon Society Duilding will be ready for occupancy in about threo weeks. - TheUniversityfoot-ball eleven have elected D. W. DuTarr, of the medical department, captain. - University eleven go to Chicago today where they nieot tho Hacino eleven or contest in foot buil. - Tho match game bet ween the University and Tecumseh Ninea re3ulted in (3 scores for the farmer, 7 for latter. - Gecrge A. Zedeale, of tho class of 81, and Wm. M. Clapp, of '82, two üe;roit boys, left collego Monday to ongage in Government survey work during tho summer. - Sonie meinbers of the faculty liave boen away frorh towu examining the high schools in the state that desire to have their graduates adniitted 011 diplomas to tho University. - No quorum was present at the meeting of the Board of Regents Thursday night, Regents Grant, Rynd, B. S. Walker and Olimio only being present. The atter designated President Angelí, Dr. teere, Regent Maltz and Regent Shearr as a to advertise for plans, ieciflcations and estimates for building museum, the total cost of which is not o exceed $40,000, said plans to be placed n the hands of President Angelí not ater than Saturday noon, June 21, 1879. 'he committee are requested to meet not ater than Saturday, June 21, at 10 A. i., for such investigation of and conultation on the plans as may enable ïem to report to and adviso with the oard at the meeting of June 26 in reard to the adoption of the most suitble plan. Both ltegents-elect Shearer nd Grosvenor aro invited to meet with ie board at the June meeting for conultation on tho above matter. - The committeo from tho different epartments of the University having ie matter in charge have iseued a cirular to the students calling their attention to University field day, to be held on tho fair grounds in this city. Monday, June 23 (commencenient weck.)- The objects of the day are fully set forth, and eaoh student is requested to commence practicing immediately. A sohedule, subject to ohnnges, 8 furnished below : Races - Hurdle race, 150 yards: seven hurdles; 100 yards dash ; 100 yards backward; one mile run; three legged race; base run ; egg race; greased pig race ; mule race ; consolation race ; one mile walk; 10 miles walk; one hour, go as you please. Jumping - running long jump; best three juinps; running hop, skip and jump; best three jumps; running hop, skip and jump; standing high jump; vaulting with pole. Base ball - throwing base ball; batting base ball; putting heavy weights ; throwing cannon ball; putting sledge; Miscellaneous - boxing, foncing, wrestliug, tumbling, horizontal bar, tugof war, swinging


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