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The Cor-mon Council and City ..fhrials of Detruit stiirted ou their grand excursión to Milwaukee and other cities Wednesday afternoon, md ere accorded a warm reception at Grand Kapirta in the evening. Alarge concourse ot utopie lined the streets, The military and n re dl-partment tnrned out in fnll f orce. A splenclid bandiet oame off at Sweet's Ho 1 in the evening, ex-Mayor Thayer presiding. A black satchel containing l,000 was stolen from K. C'amer in Medina township, Lenawee county. Tnesday evening. A brace of Hibernian tramps, male and f emale, were the thieves. Dan Hibbard, proprietor of the Hibbard House at Jackson was shot but not senously wounded, by Harry Sinclair in an altercation at Coldwater, on Wedneaday evemng, Sinclair wan arrested William B. Reynolds, a prominent business man of Jackson county and proprietor of the No rvell milis, died of heart disease at nis residence at Norvcll Wednesday afternoon, aged Over óne thousand cords of wood belonging to the Flint&PereMarquette BailroadCompany, piled along the tarek near Fhnt, took fire trom a spark from a passing engine Wednesday morning and waB mostly destroyed. The Thirty-eighth General Assembly ot Oongregational Churches of Michigan began in Stand Kapids, Wednesday evemng. The Board oL Uegents met at the University Thursday evening and de-.ignated President Angelí, 'Dr. Steere, Regent Maltz and Keaeut-elect Shearer to advertise for plans, specineations and estimates for the building of a museum, at a total cost which shall not exceed MO Ö00 such plans, to be placed in the hands „f the president of the University not later than Saturday noon, June 21. The Pontiac and Oxford Railroad Company has been formed with a capital stock of $100,000 und the following officers: President, J. J. Oreen, Pontiac; secretary, Lovett W. Stanton, l'ontiac; treasurer, J. D. Norton, Pontiac. W. O. Axford, of Flint, started for Texas Thnrsday afternoon in response to a telegram annonncins the mysterious disappearance of his brother, T. W. Axford, a former wel known resident of Oakland County. ?ul play is suspected, his honae and farm peing Rtripped of cverything of a portable nature. His wife was away on a visit at the time of the occarrence. The two ladies reported to have died from medicines admiöistered by a Blissfield doctcr are proven to have died from other causes- oue from cerebro spinal congestión; the other from heart disease. Krench's menagarie near Detroit was dcstroyed by fire Thnrsday forenoon, all the ammals inclüding an elephant, seven lions, one zebra, a sacred cow and calf , three leopards, a wolf and a Rocky Monntain deer, penshed in t he flames. The Iosb was abont $15,000 on which there was an insurance of $12,500. Miles Byrne, superintendent of the Flint City Gas Works, died very unexpectedly Saturday night of lung affection after a frw Hva' illneis. The deceased was a man of special prominence in Catholic circles, and had a wide business acquaintance. The Decatur Rep'ublicsn says: That Dectur man, aged 81, and Lawrence woman, aged 64, who were married last August, have separted. There was rf mortgage on ter farm, which he purchased and held, and when requested to destroy it and have the farm "clear and all in the family," herefused, and straightway went and sold it again. ïhis, together with jealousy on her part, caused a row in the camp, and so the old lady just hitched up her team, brought him to town and dumped him on the street. Miles Conrad, a wealthy farmer of Ecorse, waa shot but not fatally wounded by hls hired man David Waters. The object is supposed to have been robbery. The tram ps who stole the satchel, containing $1,000 trom Mr. Crarner, of Medina.Lenawee cotmty, were arrested at Archibald, Ohio, on Friday. The thieves were temponly employed by him, and discovered the satchel conceáled in an old house. The satchel and its contenta are secured. The saw mili, plaining mili, lumber yard and traraways owned by Bonds & Kyser, at Bond s Mili, kíx miles Rorth of Cadillac, burned Hun. Geo. Parmelee of Old Mission, Grand TraverBe county, shipped a few days ago 300 hártela oL apples to Chicago, for which he had refused 1,200 delivered at Old Mission. . A little girl ot 11 walked off a night express train between Marshal and Albion while going at the rate of 25 miles an hour, the other night. She was probably half asleep, and was not much hurt. . 122 pounda, arrived in this city on the ïïicmgan Southern train Thureday. It was accorapanied by its mother whose name is Broadsword, and hails from Chatham, Ohio. The young bonncer nttracted a good deal of atteution, and was bound for Grand ltapids. It uould both talk and walk.- Jackson Patriot. Cooper & Knight's'stave and hep ling mili, everal Bheds f uil of staves, two coi er-shops, ubout 1,000 cords of stave bolt3, and all the stares manufactured this season, toHCther with two dwellings belonging to ii. Flowers and Wm. Butcher, were de-itroyed by fire at Uidgeway Saturday. Total loss estimated at fifteen thousand dollars. Garlos Betts, a lad 11 years oíd, and son ot Hiram Betts, a farmer living three miles from Mt. Ciernen, shot himself 8-turday af ternoon while illustrating the manner in which a suicide killed himself with a pistol. The ball entered the skull in the forehead and lodged below the right temple. Btece's nw-mill, near Five Lakes, Lapeer county, was burned on the 23d. Losa, $5,000. Frank Qloff, aged 21, was drowned in Bridgewater, Wanhtenaw county, on the 24th, while washing sheep iu a lake. Hugh McCall, of Álamo, Kalamazoo county, raised last year 3,061 bushels of wheat, the . largest erop ever raised by one man in that town. He has iust sold it at $1 02 per bushel. A firc at Zilwaukee Monday destroyed the Vollowing property : J. Rissett's hotel and most of lts contents, valued at $2,500, insured for $1,200; American House, owned by T. W. Condón, loss $1,200, no insurance; E. Writzel's awelling, loss $400, insured for $250; shop and dwelling of Chas. Schloogal, blacksmith, loss $1,200, with $800 insurance; Good Templar's hall and building, loss 900, no insurance. Bust, Eaton fc Co.'s salt block was damagpd about $400 worth, but was saved. The railroad depot was on fire, but was saved with a Uss of about $150. W. V. Stone's saw-mill at Vestaburg, Montcalm county, on the line of he Chicago, Baginaw & Canada Koad, was totally destroyed by fire Snnday. A span of horses and thfee cows stabled under the mili were also burned. Jjosfl. $4,000; no insurance. Mr. Hogadone, of Walker, recently visited an Irish f amily residing at the mouth of Sand Creek, who are the possessors of a pair of united or "Siamese" twins, bom in Ottawa county. They are six weeks old, enjoy good health, and may live to till the place in the world as living curosities so long occupied by Chang and Eng.- Grand Kapids üemocrat. The Methodist State camp meeting will be gin at Bay View, near Petoskey, on July 29. The anuual meeting of the Detroit M. E. conference has been appointed to be held at Ann Arbor, September 10, Bishop Bowman presiding, and the Michigan conference is also to meet the same day at lorna, Bishop Foster presiding. The Western Michigan Diocesan Episcopal Convention began its fif th animal session in (irand Rapids Tuesday evening. Bishop Giliptpie prcsicled. Ijansing's city assessor has been doing his duty according to law this year, and bas asscBsed propertv on a cash ba&iB. The total Taluation is $3,914,830. Last year it was 000.640. The total tax tor city purposes this year will be f45,000. Bev. A. L. Bloodgood, of Monroe, a retired Presbyterian miniBter, died in that city, on Idonday night, of congestión of the brain, aged 66 years. William Allen was thrown from a carriage near Alma one day last week and instantly killed. Charles Lafayett, a stone-cutter, aged about 25, was fonnd drowned in Grand Itiver, near the stone quarry of Oiarles Marsh, thrce miles west of Lyons on Monday afterncon.


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