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May 21.- The Senate passed the following: To define and suppress trampa; for the construction of a Btate road from Cheboygan to Cross village; for limiting the sessions of boards of supervisors in Saginaw and Wayne counties. The House passed the following, of which all except the firet two have passed the Senate For the protection of fish; f or an amendment to sec. 12, art. 15, relating to the disposal of fines, now required to be divided among the townships, etc, and appropriated to library purposes; relating to the printing and binding of the Legislative Manual, relating to the bountv of soldiers enlisting early in the war, and asking Congress toequalize bounties; Senate substitute for the bill for the inspection of illuminating oils wee concurred in; for pubiishing proceadings of the superintend ents of poor; providing for the safety of persons attending public assemblies; making appropriations for the Fish Commission; for the collection of the social statistics of Michigan. May 22. - The Senate passed the following, all of which had passed the House: vacating Bherman township, Wexf ord county ; amending certain sections of the act authorizing Episcopal churches; immediate effect; to prevent spearing a fish in certain inland lakes; amending act relating to Detroit House of (Jorrection. The House passed the following, of which the last eight had passed the Senate: To amend section 5147, C. L. relative to the foreclosure of mortgages; to amend the act for the drainage of marshes; to amend the drain law of 1875; to amend section 706, C. L., relative to fraudulent convey anees and contracts; relative to the compelling of witnesses in certain cases; to amend the law relative to remováis from office: for the appointment of guardians for habitual drunkards. to amend the act establishing a pólice court in the city of Detroit; to amend the oharter of CasuopoliB ; to protect the people ot the State from imposition and fraud; to amend the constitution relative to the salary of the goveroor- to require supervisors, etc, to make certain Teports to the county superi ntondents of thepoor; for payment of damages ansing from defective side.valks, etc; for the taxation of the liquor traffic; to regúlate plank road tolls in Bay, Gratiot and Saginaw counties; to attach certain territory to the city of Coldwater. May 28.- The Sonate passed the followinf,', of which all but the last four had passed tljc House: providing that orders issued by highway commissioners in the Upper Península shall bs audited by the township boards; to authorize the city of Alpena to purchase water works; to authorize the city of Detroit to purchase a park; to amend the charters of Alpena Marshall. Nashville. Ypsilanti, öaginaw City Kast Sasinaw, Jackson and Pon tiac, and to repeal the charter of Benton Harbor; to enlarge and denne thedutiesof the State Board of Education; to transfer certain moneys from the general fund to the fund for the support of inBane soldiers; to amend the act establishmg the Detroit Pólice Court.; to make an appropnation for the State House of Correction; proposing anamendment to the constitution relative to penal fines; for the purchase of land for the State House of Correction; to prevent the killing of elk; to amend the law relative to f ugitives from jnstice; to amend tho law relative to offensive trades; to amend the act to regúlate the State House of Correction; making appropriations for the State Prison; to amend the act to protect tbe owners of logs and timber; relative to lands erroneously sold for taxes; to detach certain territory from the townships of Columbia and Akron, Tuscola county; to repeal section 2482 compiled laws relative to tram railways. The House spent most of the day in committee of the whole. May 124.- The Senate passed the following, of which all except the last two had passed the House : for the construction of a gravel road aoross the Lynn marsh, St. Clair county; to authorize the formation of lumbermen's exchanges; appropriating money tothe Michigan asylum for the insane; for the execution, etc., of contráete for the sale of lands; amending charter of Port Huron; appropriating land for a ditch in Bay connty; for the formation of rhemen'sassociations; appropriating state Bwarop lands to drain the Capac and Clyde state road in Imlay, bapeer county; appropriating lands to drain lands in Yankee Sp rings, Barry county; authorizing an appropriation of state swamp lands to aid in building and repairing roads in Berrien county ; amending act 185 of 1873 referring to a lien on logs; repealing act 419 of 1869 incorporating New Buffalo; to protect floating logs and lumber; authorizing and instructing the agricultural land grant board to adjust certain alleged irregular sales of Agricultural College lands; for the admission of private patients into asylums for the insane; amending section 7137, C. 1., relative to limitations of actions. The House passed the following, of which only the last three had passed the Senate: to incorpórate the village of Clare; for the punishment of indecent assaults ; to change the name of Blaurice Percy ; to amend the act relating to criminal costf ; to extend the time for the completion of the Marquette, Houghton and Ontonagon Uailroad ; for payment of claim of the heirs of Darius Clark; for pavment of expenses in recruitins to Manning K. North; for the care of chronic cases among childrenat the University Hospital; to change the bonndaries of Akron and Colnmbia, Tuscola county. May 26.- In the Senate several bilis were agreed to in committce of the whole and all after the enacting clause was stricken out of the f ollowing House bilis : to amend the acts organizing union school districts of Rogers and Alpena;to amend section 5147, Compiled Laws, relative to foreclosure of mortgages; Senate bill relative to contract of married women, was indefinitely postponed. The House passed the following.of which the first seven have pasaed the Senate: amending sectiona 4226, 4227, relating to the keeping of entry books by registers of deeds; revising the charter of Detroit, ïmmediate effect; authorizing the purchase of a portrait of Douglass Houghton; amending act 53, laws of 1879, relating to the apprehension of horse thieves; amending general railroad law; amending sections 7435, 7436, 7437, Compiled Laws, relating to salaries of judges of probate: for a new compilation of the laws - laid on the table pending passage; for a grant of swamp lnnds to improve Black Biver, Cheboygan county; amending' the laws relative to garnishment; amending laws relative to trespassers on public lands; amending section 3667. Compiled Laws, relative to pri mary schools; reincorporating Sault Ste. Marie; amending law relative to apprehension of horse thieves ; amending general railroad law. May 27.- The Senate passed the following of which the last seven had passed the House: l 11r - rin--o fclaliwdy ta-Koc fnr ft wa.enTi road from Loomis (o Cedar; to regúlate attoi; ney f ees in mortgage f oreclosures ; amending laws relating to taxation of bank stock; amending the act establishing tke Pólice Court oí Detroit; amending section 4VUó. Compiled Laws. relating to fraudulent conveyancee ; amending lawa relating to manufacture and inepection of Balt ; amending Bec tions 620-22-24, Compiled Laws, concerning the remováis f rom office ; f or the appeal of civil cases in justices courts; incorporating Clare. The House passed the following, of which the first three had pasBed the Senate: To provide i'or rebuilding and furnishing normal school buildings in case of fire; to amend section 60, Compiled Laws, to créate the soldiers' aid f und ; extending certain rights to taxpayers who are not voters in school districts ; to compel the attendance of witneases in insurance cases; for the incorporation of the Grand Council of the Royal Arcanum; to prevent cattle from running at large in certain cities and villages; for a constitutional amend ment permitting Detroit to issue bonds for the constrnction of a bridge.


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