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2TOTICE. The undersigned has purchased the interest of Goerge II. Wioslow in the frame and picture baribm, TÜo. 30 Kust HuroD Street, and will costinue the business at the same piafe, giving prompt attention u all orders for frames, etc. A line stock of Gbromos, EngraYings, and Photographa ou haud and for ale ebe&p. All ilelits due the late firin of Winalow A McMillan are pajrable to the undersigned, umi any dltcoutracted during lus connectioii with the flrm will be paid by him. Ann Arbor, Oct. H, 1878. 1710tf D. McMILLAN. DETROIT Throat 1 Lung Institute MERRILL BLOCK, corner of Woodward and Jefferson aves., Detroit, Mieli. U. Hilton Williams, M. D., Prop'r. Who personally receivea paUenla at the institute for the cure of all the varitms diseam-H of theHead. Throat and Chest, and their cííiiiíjlications, through the system of inhalatiou, corabined with proper internal treatment. To tbose who have what they are pleased to cali "lingering colcis" we would say unhesitatlngly, and i f possible with a voice that would a waken all fïom that pleasant deluslon, that without prompt and earnest eftbrts in a rational and proper manner, many will soon folio w those who have found release from their suifering in that "sleep wliich kuows no waking." You have been coiiBcious, but almoat fraid tu conleas the fact, und uawllling io admit it to yourelves that the slight irritation of the throat, the annoyance of nasal catarrh, the symptoma of a bronchial inflammation of a few weeks or inonths ago, which you conüdently believed would "wcar otr," has becorne ñrmly eetablished, and is certainly, and by degrees. more or les rapidly, and with fatal precisión and unyielding grap, advaueing to bopeless consumption. You may object to and shrink frora the frank statement by your medical adviser ; you may deny the truthful convictloo which forces itself upon your obaervation and reason, but the plain íact, divested of flattering asurances that can only cheat you of even life itself, is that these ihroat diseasen, the bronchial innainmatíons and other constitutional causes, are telling agdinst you with unerring certainty, and the assurances- bo pleasant to the ear- that all wiil be well bye and bye, are the more delusivo and cruel. You do not want 1o stupefy the sensea by opiate.i, nor take into the stoinach drugs that will forever destroyitstone and impairits office. You do not want merely palliative treatment toconduct and lull you into íancied security to the very brink of the grave, font is neitber reasonable nor just to yoursel ves, or those who regard your cases with trenbling solicitudc and painful anxiety. The chilly blasta and stonna of adranced autumn, the inclement wintor with its 8mching winds and atmosphere charged with moisture, have had their effect upon you- the great and rapid vicisaltadee of spring, that, with the re-awakening 01' vegetable life, is peculiarly fatal to consumptives - these changes of aeasons are now upon the invalid as wellas upon the robust, and il is ise to just now stop and reflect upon the nature and progresa of your disease, and the remedial measures you have employed, and seriously to intuiré if there is ;i way open to you by which you may escape the danger which isimpending. We Bay, without hesitation, that thegreater nuniber of pulraonary diseases can be curetl. We need not dilate upon theorie while we are ableto present living evidences of the efficacy of judicious medicatioü in a claai of cases eo long ad persistently pronounced hopeless. IubalatioDS are applicable in all diaeases of the respiratory organs, including catarrh, throatdisease, asthma, bronchitis, oousumption ; and thousands of cases can becu red by this mode of treatment when nothing else can reach theiu. Those who desire to consult me iu regard to their cases had better cali at the office lor an examination, but if impossible to visit the office personal! r, raay write for " List of QueBtions," and circular, both of which will be sent free of charge. Addreas M. HILTON WILLIAMS, M. D., Merrill Block, Detroit, Mich. gkaï's spkcihf medicine. TRAD5LKTl.e Great TRADELK __. THn unfuilingcure Kal. tL fyÈ'Ww lor Seminal JHBStCP yj.', JLS Weakness, SperM!t'""j6 v(i fS Tiiatorrhea.ImpoV 3f J"rp tency.and alldiajmScmr JgSEk!SBm& eaaes that folio w jjBL Before TakingLo of Memory! After Taking. TJniveral Lassitude, Paiü iu the Back, Dimnes o Vision, Premature OM A(?e, and many otherdiseasesthatleadto Insanity, ConBamption and aPreraatnre Grave. jÍS Full particular in our pamphlets, which we desñre to send free by mail to every one. The Specitic Medicine is solil by all Druggistsat $1 perpackage,or Bix packagea for $5, or will be sent by mail on receipt of the money y addressing THE GRAV MEDICINE CO., No 10 Mechanics' Hlock, Detroit Micb. ÍESSo!d in Ann Aibor by all DraggistB, and by dmggists every where NÍCHOLS, SHEPARD & CO., Battle Oréele, Mlcïl. ORIGINAL AND ONLY GENUINE VIBRATOR. " THRESHING MACHIWERY. THE Matehless G rain -Sayi nff, TÍme-8TÍnj, and Money-Saving Threshera ofthis day and generaIton. Beyond all rivalry for Ropid Work, Perfect CleanlBl, and for Baring Grain frnm Wi STEAM Power ThrcMhers a Specialty. Special tiet of Separators made expressly for Steam Power. O FR Unriraled Steam Thresher Enfrinea, both Portable and Traction, wlth Valuable ImprOTments, far beyond any other make er kind. THE ENTIBE Threshin Expenses (and ofte three to flve times that amotmt) ean be made by th Extra Grain SAVED by these Improved Machlnet. GRAIN Balsera will not snbmitto the enormou-s w&stage of Grain and the Inferior wrk don bjr ■11 other machines, when once posted on the dlfference. NOT Only Tastlr Superior for Wheat, OaU, Barlej, Rre, and fike Graina, bat the OtT fiaeoeuful Threiber in Flax, Timothy, Millet, CloTtr, attd Hka Seeda. Kequlres no "attacomenU" or "rebulldlng" to hange from Grain to Seeda. IN Thorooch IVorkmanship. Eleffant Flnlhv Perfeetlon of Parts, Completóneus of Kquipment, etc., QJT " VaaAToa" Threaher Ou tuteare Incoraparabto. MABTELOUS for Simplirity of Parts, using lesa thaaone-half the usual BelU and Gears. MakM Clean Work, wlth no Lttteringa r Scatterings. POUB Sizes of 8eparators Made, Ranging from Slx to Twelve-Horse size, aad twottjles of Mouav ed Horse Powers to match. POB Particular, Cali on oor Dealen or wri te to oa for IUmtrated Circular , waloh W aatt ftw, UT. HOGERS, Affent, Ann Arbor.Mich. r WIILIAMEEID ! BEVWtf TaTTSÏTfT?!! I (Of the late fira of Ktsid A gL "■ 'j My1! P 1 ■ A n& I Hills. Succeasor to aaid Qrm PPIJMaWMim iu Ulss and Lead Basineai.) fmu H OF Hl Wholesale tt Uetail --rin tl SS i faTal Win!J!lw LlasS P!ate [!ass' Bf _ 1 ■ 1 ■ II RibMd and Bongh Flato ror II i I M M A Sty LighH, Cot nd EnmfntWtdrSKmV. Sil fie' ';ias. s1er f'11 tVJrl L13l3tOlLJI Sash Bar, French nd OrHfMÉMVPlVMMfl in:in LooklQg GUu Platel, irll W.HHj;Kll and Oil, Colon, Putlf, I "■''' ■■■ "„-J poiota( etc_ 13 & 14 Congress St. East, Detroit, Mich. m CrCOMPOUND EXTRACT OF-T? CONTAININQ Cnliets, Jnuirer & Spirits of Nitre IN A COKCENTBATED FORM, FOK Diseases of the Hidneys c Bladder, Q-oncrrhea, Weaknesses, OverEsertions, Gleet, Stricttire, Obstruction of the TTrine, mul nll nisonsos 1 tlip l'rinary iiiki sexual orean, No m&ttiT oí how loug titamiiug, and whather la M Att OW FE MALE. prloe. One Tollttr. Prepared fro. ■ 01 igioal rol.c oí DR. U1LL, aud „11 bj W. JUHSSTON i CO., 161 Jeferssn Avenue, DETROIT. FOB SAI.K IiV -M.l. llti:CISTS. J


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