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A Ruby-ring

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Without the weary winter wind is sighing, And darkness sleeps apon the frozen land, While lonely by the firelight, waning, dying, I watchcd it gleam and sparkle on my handA ring of rübies, set in ancient fashion, Bed genis that burn amid engraven gold, And waken in my heart a pain and passion I deern ed were dead and cold. And, sweet as music through the stillnes& Rtealing, And low and pleading as in days of yore, And tender in its tremulous appealing, 1 hear a voice I thonght to hear no more - 'Oh, take this ring, my darling, for a token, However far may stretch our severed ways, Of love undying and of f aith unbroken !" These are the worda it says. And all the gloom and all the wintry weather Are changed to sudden brightness, and we ■toña A moment in the sunset-Iight together, Among the summer-roses hand in hand - One moment, then the wild sweet dreans is over, The echo of y our voice has pafised and died; I hold alone your partinp gift, my lover, And nothing more beside - Your gift that tells how truth was scorned and slighted, And one poor lonely life of joy bereft; i'cr of the faith you swore, the troth you plighted. The deathless love you promised, what is left? Ah, nothing but a ruby ring that flashes lts fitfal splendour in the fading gloom And, worthless as the dust of fallen ashes, The mein'ry of a dream !


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