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Foremost Citizens

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From the Virginia (Nev.) Enterprise. Scène - Main street, Bodie. Dramatis personae: An old resident and a new arrival. Time, 4 P. M. O. lt- There goes Jack Dalling. N. A.- WWsheV O. lt. - One of our flrst citizens. Ilaven't you heard teil of him 't N. A.- STo. O. R.- Why, he killed ïom Wilkins. Ile's a prominent saloon man. There's Bill Thompson stepping up to speak to him. N. A.- Who's Thompson ? O. lt. - One of our leading eitizens. Ilaven't you heard teil of him ? N. A.- No. O. R.- That's queer. "Why, he killed Sandy Sowens and Aleck Haggis and put Pete Scragg's eye out in one night. He's a prominent saloon man, too. Hullo, they've stopped to speak to Abe Dickey. N. A.- Who's Dickey? O. lt.- Oh, he don't amount to nothIng. N. A. - Never killed any one, I suppose. O. R. - He kill any onel Pslmwlhe woukln'tkill nobody, IIullo! By thunder, them three's havin a spat, Hunt yer hole, stranger, tlieir pullin their pops ! [They hunt their holes. llapid Uring ensues and oeases. Old resident and new arrival emerge f rom under a stove and seek information.] Time, 8 p. m. Ü. It. - I teil you the camp ought to be proud o' that feller Abe Dickey. Ile's got nerve. I hope the boys will turn out big at the doublé funeral. 1 used to know Abe's brothcr in the States. He comes of a gritty family. Wonder what his bail '11 be ?


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