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"Gussie Thomas" in the Country hutlemau gives the following direetions t'or putting away winter clothing: As short as my expeiience in household cares has been, I have learned something of the peace and pleasure attending the proper cleansing and putting away of lhumels and winter apparel. Sheets and blankets sliould be washed and thoroughly dried; stockings and underclothing should be well looked over and caref ully mended ; all articles worn out orout-grown,may be rolled in separate parcels,to be disposed of in making thenext carpet, or to help clotlie the íittle ones of sonie needy family. Mittens and scarfs are to be looked over, darned and aired, or washed; furs to be thoroughly dusted and aired. We do not want to lay away bad odors, or the germs of any disease, to assail us as we unpack the articles in the fall. Overcoats and shawls mustbe brushed and fastened on the clothes line some sunny, windy day, and thiek winter veïls, and dainty wrapa for the neck, should be aired iind carefully folded away. Airing articles that are not soiled, is as essential as washing those that are. ïhere is ninch said in favor of cedar shavings, cliests and closets, to ex elude moths; but possessing none of these, I use a large pinochest, and when in this camphor or tobáceo are scattered witli a liberal hand, moths never intitule. Christian experience teaches us that it pays ono todoright. So every housewife should carefully mend and cleanse lier llannels in the spring, for the additional peace sho will have during the umrner, beside the pleasant thought hat whenever thcy are called for, they are entirely ready for use.


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