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How To Kill Moths

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Tune is the proper timo to wage a war of extenniuution against these 'rutliless invaders." Hut an attack is xinuissible at any season. Closets, wamroues, all receptacies of clothmg should be emptied and laid open, their contenta thoroughly exposed to light md uir, and well bruahed and shaken jefore being replaced. In old houses much infested with nioths, all cracks m floors, waiuscots, shelves, or furniture, should be bruslied over with spirits of turpentine. Camphor or tobacco should be placed among all garments, furs, plumes, etc, when laid aside for the summer. ïo secure cloth linings of carriages from the attacks of' moths, sponge them on both sides with a solution of corrosive sublímate of mercury in alcohol, made just atrong enough not to leave a white mark on ;i black feather. Moths may be killed by fumigating the article containing them With tobáceo or sulphur, ov by putting it, if practicable, into an oven heated to about 150 degrees Fahr.


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