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-Senator Lüll 3 not an adiuirer of S.-nator Blaine, iu fiict does not speak to him. -Miss Bottio Evarta, who ia soon to msirry a Boston inan, is a very gracefu] blonde. - Mktt Carpenter is killing himself by smoking; so is Grant, and all Blaine's efforts end in smoke. - -Win. Wueeler, our wort hy Yioe, lovos to impulo tbe wriKS]ing worm on the curving hook and delude tho unsopbisticated fish. -The üuke of Hamilton has discovered a dofleit of about $7,500,000 in his accounts, and bas transferrod the caro of his affairs to a nuw firm. - Ex-Govarnor Tilden has dcclined the nvitation to dolí ver tho address nt the coming commenooment of Tnnity college, North Carolina. - Emperor William'a golden wedding celebration was to be made ft sort of day of jubilee. The emperor inteuds to grant pardons and commutations on an extensivo scale. - General Grant'a two Arabian horses woro shod iu New Haven, and the blacksmith preserved the nails from the ola shoes. He sold one nail to a Bridgeport man for $1, and refused $10 for one of the cast-off shocs. - Prince Bismarck is said to be declining in reputation and rapidly decaying in physique, corpulenco rendering his huge forra more nnwieldy than ever. Puffy and unhealtliy is the look of his flesh, and no Kissingen can avail against his enorraous appetite, which consumes largely of overything, hut especially of bread, ctieeso and beer. - Wh en at the funeral rites of Mr. E. C. Iugersoll his brother Eobert began to read the eloquent eulogy he had prepared on the dead man his cyes filled with tears. He tried to hide them behind his eye glasses, but lio could not do it and fioaUy he bovvert his head upon the dead man'a coffiu and gave way to uncontrollable grief. Tue mutual attsefamentof the brothers daring lifehadbeen such as to excite marked attention from all vvho knew thom.


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