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Real Estate Transfers

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Susan M. Jewett to Alva Reynolds. Land in cify of Ypsilanti for !f400. James Ilopkins to James H. Hopkin?. 40 acres in Lyndon for $650. Win. Schlede to Lorana King. Land in Ann Arbor city for f 1,700. Lorana King to Wm. Schlode. CJ ftorea in Ann Arbor town for $2,000. David Branfrion to Orrin Ltimkin. 40 acres in Augusta for $1,500. Lydia A. Clark to Wm. Burko. Manchester TÜlage lot for $1,000. Abram Wallace to Sarah J. May. Land in Ann Arbor city for f. 300. Emily Burkhart to Orrin Burkhart. 40 ncres in Lyndon for $1,000. Orrin C. Burkhart to Willard C. Johnson. 40 acres in Lyndon for 11,300. James M. Chidcstor and Chas. King, trustoes, to Wm. B. Seyinour. Lot in' Ypsilanti city for $400. Peleg Marshall to Johnson M. Knight. Land in Ann Arbor city for $585. Wm. F. and E. J. Hatch to Chas. F. Hogers. Chelsea village lot for $2,300. Edward Weinnett to Marous W. Wood. 25 acres in Salino for $1,500. Jno. Geo. Allmandinger to Adam Schlee. Land in Ana Arbor city for 11,000. Deljvan E. Doan;to Hiram Kittridge. Land in Ann Arbor town for $1. Thos. C. Howard to G. W. Jordon. 10 acres in Augusta for $1.400. Wui. Pheinfrank to Jacob Fliemann. Land in Bridgewater for $80. John B. Hartfeck to Lutlier James. 131 acres in Sharon for $8,900. James W. LeBaron to Alfred Acton. 15 acres in York for $500. John G. Allmandinger to John W. Thompson. Ann Arbor city lot for $100. Phobe Geer to Jno. W. Thompson. Ann Arbor city lot for f550. .Sarah E. S.tgor to N. S. and C. D. Hendricksoa. Aun Arbor city lot for #1,500. Joseph M. Cutchfon to Emanuel Eaton. Ypsilanti city lot for 50. Allen Crittendrn to Wash A. Crittenden. 80 acres in Pittsfleld for $2,000. Wm. A. Hall to Wm. J. Artis. 1 acre in Ypsilanti city for f25. Fhihp Yedder to Hernán Veddor. Land in Augusta for 2,000. Amanda M. and Jamos Weir to Van Geison Eros. 60 aores iu Bridgewator for $4,260. Mary Ana Peebles to Cathorine Walah. Land in Ann Arbor city for $800. John Clancy to Mary Ann Peebles. Ann Arbor city lot for $1,100. John Sohaoffer to J. S. Lapbaui. Manchester villago lot for $100. Isaac Jones to James Weir. 100 acres in Manchester for Só.000. Arnold F. Pruden to Jonn P. Foster. Chelaoa village lot for $150. Samuel W. Doxter to Jas. McXamara. Dexter village lot for f 100. Congidor Gushman to Jeromo Cushman. 80 acres in Lima for $6,000. Orison Ide to Jarod S. Lapham. Manchester village lot for $1,200. Aaron B. Van Atta to Goo. B. Van Etta. 10 acres in Northrield for $5,250. Aaron B. Van Atta by heirs to Rosa Smith. Land in Northfield for $3,040. Albert F. Van Atta to Anna E. Worden. Land in Ann Arbor city for $200. Wni. Babcock to John C. Wheeler. 85 acres in Webster for $900. Henry W. Babcook to Cyrus M. Starks. 15 acres in Webster for $100. O. E. Jaycox to James A. Jaycox. Land in Ana Arbor city for $1,600. Martha Jane Bell to Abbie A. Jones. Land in Ypsilanti city for $1,500. , Wm. Bell to Martha J. Bell. Land in Ypsilanti city for $1,000. Louis P. Gooding to Kobert E. Douprlass. Land in Augusta for $2,500. "With Mr. General Sliorman on the side of Foater and bis own brother John Sherman, and with Mrs. General Sherman on tho side of her brother, Tom Ewing, tho influonoe of the army stands a good chance of being neutralizod in the Ohio campaign. If it i8 true that Mra. Shorman wears the shoulder straps and the General is another Do Boots, vv-o shall have to bet on the Ewing side of the house.


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