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- Ypsilantians place fresh mackerel in the line of lnxuries. - A per8on lives in Ypsilanti mean enough to steal house plant9. - Manchester has concluded to distinguían hersolf on the 4th of Juljr. - Joseph Wise of Freedom, picked ripe chcrrios from his premisos last week. - A large quantity of bark is being purchased iu Milan for Ann Arbor tanuers. - Ypsilanti's oolored band would like to know how they aro going to get uniforins. - The new suits of members of Sline's base ball club is the pride of the village girls. - Prof. Estabrook of Ypsilanti will deliver the bacoalaureate sermón at Manchester, June 15. - Station agent Hitchcock will hereafter iiuger the telegraphlc instrument at Milán, William Jewett having loft. - A meeting of tbo Pexter villagu cemetery oorporation is called on Saturday next to elect oflicers for ensuing year. - Tho Dexter band won the sccond prize at the 6tate tournamunt beid at Port Hurón, There were no other entries. - Mr. and Mra. Munger of Manchester have gone to Kansas, where, if they are suited, their postoöice address will hereafter be. - During a thunder shower on Saturday, May 31,lightning struok and küled twenty-four sheep on the Horaoe Eosier farm near Dexter. - One man is happy iu Ypsilanti over the late damp weather. A pill manufacturar has an order for live gross of ague-shaking preventatives. - B. J. Bidwell of' Tecumseh has sold to Messrs. John Gordon and Hiram Laiub of Saline, the fine yearling Shorthorn buil Alazurka's Oxford. - Mr. Bovee aDd Mrs. Board of Ypsilanti, left for the Rosebud Agency on Tuesday. John Matthews expectg to accompany them as f'ar as Yankton. - Light Guard of Ypsilanti can go and help celébrate in Manchester if' they want to and bewitch the ladies of that village with their gorgeou8 clothes. - James Etmmel, thepedagoguefrom Salem, charged with extreme punishment of a pupil waa tried before Justice Beahan one day last week and acquirted . - An Ypsilanti cxchange affects to heliere it has the largest lumber trade except Lansing, in the state. Saginaw and Cay City are thua eclipsed, you ico by our sister city. - The remains of Nicholas, second son of N. Cordary of Ypsilanti, who died at Sandwich, Getario, where he was attending school, were bronght to Ypsilanti for interment on Thursday of last week. - Smith and La.rnbert's band of Hillsdale are expected to furnisli music for the alumni re-unvon at Manchpster on the evening of June 27. A banquet at the Goodyear tfouso will closo the festivities. - A Ladies' Library Association has been organized in Dexter, with tbe following officer8; Pres.. Mrs. R. P. Oopeland; Viee-Presdnt, Mrs. J. T. Honny ; Secrotary, Mrs. D. J. Sutton; Librarían, Mrs. Dr. E. Palmer. - At a moefing of the Waslitenaw Ceunty Pioneer Society last wenk, a committee of two from each townsbip m appoisited to select a room in the new court house for the meetings of the society aud for the preservation of its relies. - Frionds of tho SI. JC. Church at SharoTi Centex are having their church nicoly impToved by a tboroiigh outside painting, and the expenses huvo beeu i'reely and faliy subserilseá. It is also proposedto bnild Rsuitabíeíence around the grave yard and churdj. -The Commercial earnestly desires to gut that slioo manufuctary removed from Detroit to Ypsilanti, and calis on soine one to raise the loan jf 3,000 to secure it. If we were in the editor's place and so near a mi Ilion airo, ibe amount would be facthoiaing right speedily. - Jas. B. Hallock, arraígned on cotuplaint of Supervisor Purtell jf Northfield on charges of eelling intoxicants without license, and futirá g to expose to public view the license he ought to have had, settled the matter ia i ustioe Granger's court by payment oí eosts and license fee. - There is one ioan left in Ypsilanti and he is called upon to go to the Rosebud Agency. Dr. Owen ate been appointed and will irobably accept the poeition of phy6cian at a salary of $1,00 per annum, An appaiatment of another agent would quito Utely depopulate Ypsilanti bowu. - Althou-gh 6chool year ia Ypsilanti will close June 20, the gradmating class composed of Misses Fannie Ii. Boyce, fjoue Whittlesey, M. Liliiaiï Hand and Liutie Earl will not then reeeive honors n store because graduatia exercises is iostponed to sonio date ia August to await completion of the new school building. Next school year begins Aug. 2ó. - From a Detroit exc'aango we learn ,he last of the Lee patent farm gate oases has been dismissed fronj thé United States court. Parties who institutod the suits havo been ordered to pay the coste. This will be wolcome news to 'armera who wero annoyed, browbeatened and threatened by irrespoQsible perons last summer. ■ - Iïenry M. Twamloj' calle atteution o the following statement appearing in ono of the village papers in the oounty : 'I have this day (May 29) sheared six uil blood Shropshircdowm shoop, whose combined weight (after shearing 47 lbs. of wool) is 747 lbs. Pive of these sbeep are ewee, raising me eight splendid ambs. Four of the lambs, at two and one-half months old, weighed 246 lbs. Ono of these ewes was one year old last Utarch, is raising a pair of twins, weighs 06 pounds, and sheared soven pounds of wool. Buck one year old last March, weighs 127 pounds, sheared 14 pounds of wool. Let ua hoar froin you, brother wool growers." - By an order, , Mxs. ÏVederika Binder of Northfield lias beon oommitted to the Pontiac asylum. - For the present term of the Circuit Court there are eighty-nine oases on the dooket, ncluding eleven criminal cases. The Intter include the cases of alleged thefts, receiving stolen property and burglary with which the students Delf, Orr and Sillf, who are now confined in j lil, are respoctively charged. -The Lodi Keforra Club will hold a second aunual picnic and ice creara festival in Krause's grove, one-fourth mile west Jacob Hieks's of Lodi, on Friday, June 20th. Speeches will be delivered by It. E. Frazer, R. M. Fanning of Ohio and others. In the evening the club will havo a social hop at the residence of J. H. Ilicks. A.n invitation is extended to all. - The sheep stealing mentionnd in the last issue of the Akqus provesto involve more than one of Chelsoa's citizens. - Beside Christian Bach, Wm. Hardigan, Chas. Downer and James Congdon are implicated. Upon examination Tuesday, B;ich and Hardigan confcssod their transaotions to the numberof about one hundred head. They are in jail awaiting trial at Circuit Cuurt next week. - Downer's examination is postponed to to-day. Congdon skipped the country. Complaint was entered by Wm. Taylor, who, with Supervisor Whittaker and Mr. Gurthrie ofLima.have suffored from depredations of tho gang.


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