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Babies ought to be well taken care of; their system does not allow the slightest neglect. If your Baby suffers from Colic or Bowel Disordera, procure a bottle of Dr. Buli's Baby Syrup, a simple but alvvays reliable reruedy. Only 25 centsAll througb the year Bach & Abel will be constantly receiving new goods, and large quantities of Jobs, and would be pleased to have you test what would appear to be bold assertiong on their part. 12-tf AliCHERY! THE NATIONAL GAME. Don't fail to cali at Douglas & Co's. and examine thoir large and complete stock of Bows, Arrows, Targets, Belte, (ui vers, &c, which they have jast recived at their new stoie in National Bauk Block. 17-lt Bach & Abel guaranteo their 50c Corsets just as good as sold in other houses for 7Le. Bach & Abel's is thefirsthouse in Aun Arbor to pull down that fatal sign ' credit" and hoist in its place thatother that wius every time, Cash Down. Big bargains in store for the ladies of Ann Arbor at Baoh & Abel's for 1879. 12tf If you want your Baby to look bright do not put it to sleep with laudanum when restless, but use Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup. 25 cents a bottle. The reasou why Bactufc Abol sellmore Tiis, Laces Handkerchiefs, lluching, Collars and Cuifs, than any other house in the city, is, becanse a lady can find just what she wants by going there. Certain parties are trying to hush it up but tbo i'aut seems to be quite geuerally known that tho "White )8 the best sowing machine in the world. Sold ouly by I. L. Griunell. The Whito ia not only the stillest but it is also tho lighteet rapning shuttle machine in the woiW, bosidea it never oils the work being nearly as olean as a hand üeedle. 5 baloa of Itussia Crash at 10 oenta per yard at Bach & Abel's. Sold iu other houso8 at 15 cents, same goods. Bach & Abol have all the new styles in fancy Eibbons. 12-tf 50 new all wool Shawla at Bach & Abel's at $1.50 - very chean. Cali and soe the boautiful patterng of Wall Paper at Douglas & dos., National Bauk Blook. Theirarraugementstor exhibüing it are unsurpaseed, and their prices eau not be fceaten. lfi-2t The White has self-setting neerlles, self-threading shuttle feed on both BÏdes of the needie, and makes the fastest time on record. lts sales are already greater than the sales of all the other machines combined. It is of course sold by I. L. Grinnell, the most success 1 iigout cTor In the couuty and one who lias had more experience already in machines than any other agent in the county will have had in ten years. Bach & Abel offer fot the next tliirty days, 3 cases of Bleached Muslin, equal in vahin to Fruit of the Loom, Wamsutta or New York Mille, at 9ct8. per yard 5 bales of the best Brown Cottons in the market at 8 cents per yard. Never be-, fore havo suchinducements been olfered in this line as are offered this month. 12-tf Charles Meyer will be pleased to wait on all of his Germán friends at Douglas & Co's. new store in the National Bank Block. 16-2t Special Baeoains : 80 doz. Ladies' Fancy Hose at 18c, reduoed froin 30c. 50 doz. Ladies' regular made Balbriggan Hose at 25o, former price 40c. Bach & Abel. For the largest and most complete stook of Wall Paper and Window Shades go to Uouglas & Co's., Albino Block. ARCHEHY! THE NATIONAL GAME. Don't fail to cali at Douglaa & Co's. and examine their large and completo stock of Bows, Arrows, Targets, Belts, Quivers &c, which thoy have just received at their new store in National Bank Block, 17 Jt Any books outside of the usnal line oan be procured on the shortest notice and at reasonablo priees at Douglas and Co's. new store in the National Bank Block. lG-2t The nicest fitting oorsets manufactured, and the largest display willbefound at Bach & Abel's. 12. tf The only place in Ann Arbor you can fipd a fiill line of Fancy Buttons, is at Baeh & Abel's. 12-tf Bach & Abel have just received 25 dozen more of their magnificent Kid Olove8 ot 50 cents per pair ; samequality as retailed elsewhere at 75 cents and $1. Maök fc ttchmid ure clearing out all their suits at cost. The rush still continúes and crowds come from all directions to secure the great bargains that are offered at Mack & Schrnidg and wbich have created an exciteinont unparnleled in the anuals of the dry goods trade in this city. Towels, nupkins, table linens, special bargnins in these goods at Bach & Abel's Don't go to Detroit to buy your wall paper before you see the beautiful Dado pattorns at Douglas and Co's. which they are selling at prices that will duty oouipetition. 16-2t OIÏITUARY. HARRIET D. HENRIQTJES. I)ted: At Arm Arbor, Mich.. on Whitsunday, June l, Mrs. Ilarrict D. Henriques. Th ís is the announcement of a sad berenvement of ft lamily, a church, and a community. It lias boen the piivilege of the writer to know tlie deceascd in the relations of a pastor and iricnd. Iler's are the annals of a quiet, and yet blessed life, to thosearound her. All who have known the inner life of that home now under the cloud, ha?e seen the mother's judgraent and discretion with the mother's tendernos. Attached to her cliurch on principie, Mrs. Henriques has been one of a band of women who have never faltered in their devotion. The greftt enterprises of church erection, and all minor eflbrts have had the support of hei" Hberallty and influence. While constant attendance on services and a life of devotion have given the hig-her testimony, and carried the more eftèctive example. Within a few weeks of her doath, her assoeiatea in the Ladies' society had placed her at their head. Society found in the departed the ïuanners that are it8 best polish. Many will recall the genial gatherings of her hospitality. The writer has watched with interest the persistent efrbrts of ladies of Ann Arbor to establish a lihrary. The funeral witnessed that those who have been thus zealous, feit that they had partcd with one whohad participated in all their labor and anxieties. "We have laid her to rest hesïde him who, 11 years ago, was borne to the buriiil frora the same anode. In the spot she had adorned and tended, she waits the reaurrection cali. She will be missed, and yet what is the Christian seeking and the church's nünistry, but this very consummation, h Christian's life to win a Chrietian's crown, souls made meet for God and theii called of (iod. The church now liereaved has in n few years past been called to part with some of her best lovers and workers. Within a few week, another, Mrs. David Heuning, of such meinory, when she lived in theparish, has paaeed away. May the good example he cherished, and the places of the departed be tl 1 led by those of her spirit. G. 1). G. Chicago, June 10, 1879. Douglas and Co., have removed the Book, Stationery and Wall Paper Stock to the seoond door North of the first National Bank. 10-2t Douglas and Co., by having but one store can nfford to, and will, sell goods cheaper than any other house in the city. 16-2t AU kinds of cheap and choico Stationery uiay be found at Douglas and Co's. new store in the National Bank Block. TheirassortmentofBlank Books is also unsurpassod. 16-2t .. mm ■- Largest and eheapest line of Parasols in the city at Bami & Abel's. Bach & Abel's heavy Groa örain Colored Silks at $1.10 beats thom all. Bach & Abel are selling thoir new Black Cashmeres very eheap, indeed, 20 per cent. cheaporthan everbefore known. They can afïord to as they buy for cash and sell for cash. 12-tf DETEOIT, HILLSDALE AND SÖUTnWKSTKRN EAILROAD. To take effect May 25, 1879. OOIHO VTKBT. QOINO EA8T. STATIONS. Mail. Exp. HTATI0K8. Exp. Miil. A. M. P. M. Tpsilanti.... S:25 7:10 A. M. p. M. Toledo Jone. 8:45 7:30 Bunkers ü:0fl 2:25 Saline a-.iS 7:50 Hillsdale ... 5:30 2:35 Bridgewoter .. 0:47 8:12 Mivnchestnr.. 8:30 4:11 Manchtnter. 10:22 8:37 Bridgewater 8:00 4:30 p.m. Saline 9:50 4:47 nilMale 1:00 10:55 Toledo Jnnc. 10:10 4:57 Bunkers 1:10 10:85 Ypailanti 10:85 S:15 Train run hy Chicago fimo. W. F. PARJiKfl, Sup't, Tpíilanti. I


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