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Large Bird Cage

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Mrs. Ellis, who resides at the handsome residence of her father, Mr. Samuel Harria, on West State street, lias, in the south-west corner room of the second story, 100 canary birds of every tone and hue. The flóor is carpetea with sawdust and furnished with two small leatless trees, abamboo polefrom which hoops suspend, a large dish of water, egg shells and bird seed ad libitum. There are many little boxes and cages, all with döors open or covers off. The Windows are removed in warm weather and gauze or wire screens substituted. The only door openiug into the room has also a wire screen in lieu of glass, insuring yentilation and a proper temperature. In the winter a furnace register furnishes the required degree of warmth. The birds in their quest for linie have pecked patches of piaster from the wall larger than the open hand. Some of the birda are gorgeously beautiful in their contrast of rich colors, and manymagnificent singers are of the number. Mr. Ellis said that two years ago his wife had temporarily placed a pair of canary birds in the room ; soon there were 8, then 16, and so on, until the astonishing sight before us had been reached. "It is no more difflcult to care for the hundred than one bird in this manner," added he ; "the birds enjoy themselyes and appreciate their freedom, and it is more enjoyable to usto see them thus. Mrs. Ellis can identify nearly every bird of the entire number, teil its age, whether or not a


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