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"I will still keep it alwayshe whispered low, And pressed to his bearded lips The ivy she gave from the black black curls, With her thoughtless finger-tipa. "I will keepit always, I will," she said, A blusk on pure check and brow; "'The kiss he placed on my willing lips Has thriiled me from then till now." "1 will keep it always." a maiden said, And sank to a childish sleep, Her cheek on the hand that clasped a ring, The seal to a joy ao deep. "We will keep it alwayn," a lover said; "Though Howers may bloom and fade, We'll never forget each other; love, And the promise we have made." Oh, teil me how long may "always" be ! For I saw that ivy flower Crushed by the feet of the dancers fieet When scarcely had passed aD hour. In hardly a week I saw the kiss To another freely given, A fresh one put in its very place, And the girl again "in heaven." The ring I saw to the giver sent, With note and i ribbon blue; Said the note, "Jïy letters please return, The curl from my forchead too." And half of the vear was scarceiy o'er When I saw those two again; They met with a g lance of coldest scorn And a look ot' weary pain. Oh, teil ine how long may "alwaya" be! Ie cannot be quite a year - I think it must be when some fairer thing Draws maiden or youth more near.


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