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The greatest cataract in the world is the Falls of Niaeara. where the w;ttcr trom the great upper lakes forma a river three-fourths of a mile in width, and then being suddenly contracted, plunges over the rocks in two columns to the depth of 175 feet. The greatest cave in the world is the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, where any one' can take a voyage on the subterranean river and catch lish without eyes. The greatest river in the world is the Mississippi, 4000 miles long. The largest valley of the world is the Valley of the Mississippi. It contains 5,000,000 square miles, and is one of the most fertile regions of the globe. The greatest city park in the world is in l'hiladelphia. It contains 2700 acres. The greatest grain port in the world is Chicago. The largest lake in the world is Lake Superior, which is truly an inland sea, being 430 miles long and 1000 feet deep. The longest railroad at present is the Pacilic railroad over 3000 miles in length. The greatest maas of sohd iron in the world is the Pilot Knob of Missouri. It is 250 feet high and two miles in circuit. The best specimen of G redan architecture in the world is the Girard College for orphants, Philadelphia. The largest aqueduct in the world is the Crotón Aqueduct, liew York. lts length is forty and one-lialf miles and it cost $12,500,000. The largest deposits of anthracite coal in the world are in Pennsylvania, the mines of which supply the market with millions of tons annually and appear to be inexhaustible. _ The auditor's report of Kentucky for the year 1878 shows the number of sneep killed by dogs in the Stale to be 7,895, valued at $22,G02, against 11,508 killed in 1877, yalued at $37,144. The decrease is attributed to a new doglaw.


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