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Has An Ax To Grind

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Whenl was a little -boy, I rememjer, one cold winter morning. I was ccostedby a smilingman, with an ax n his shoulder. 'My little boy," said he, "has your 'ather a grindstone ?" "Yes, sir," said I. "You are a flne little fellow," said ie. "Will you let me grind an ax n it?" Pleased with the compliment of "a hne little fellow," '"Oh, yes, sir, " I answered; "it is down in the shop." "And will you, my man," said he, patting me on the íiead, "get me a little hot water V" How could J refuse? I ran and soon brought a kettleful. "How old are you? and wliat is your name?" continued he. without waiting for a reply. "Im sure you are one of the finest lads that ever I have seen. Will you turn a few minutes for me?" Tickled with the flattery, like a fooi Iwent to woik.and bitterly did I rue the day. lt was a new ax, and I toiled and tugged, till I was almost tired to death. The school bell rang, and I could not get away : my hands were blistered, and it was not half ground. Atlwigtli,ihoweve:r:__thet;iin'-ta1--m-e) saying: "Kuw, you little rascal, you've played the traant; uow, scud away to school or you'll get it." Alas! thougbt I, i was hard enough to turn a grbulstonê this cold day, butnow to becalled a rascal was too mach. It suuk deep into my mind, and often navel thought of it since. When a merchaut is over-polite to his custoners, begging them to take a littlc brandy, and üuowing his goods on the counter, thinka I, "That mail lias au ax to grind." Wheu 1 see a man fiattering tho people, making great professions of liberty, aid piatiiig loudly about econoniy, v)io is in private a tyrant, methinks, "Look out, good people, that fellow would sce you turning a grindstone." Beware of people who pay compliment when there is no particular occasion for sodoing. ïhey havo an ax to grind, and it is not yours.- r FranMin. llrsi'.AND. "Why not take that dresa deai, and have done witliit?" Wife {with cuttirig irony). "Certainly, darling, if you don't mind the expense of having the drawing-room refurnished." Ilusband. "Drawing-room refurnished?" , „ Wife. "Well, yes; you can hardly expect me to sit on a red sofa in a ma genta dress ; and I should have though tliat it was more economical to have a dress to suit the room than to hav Uie room altered to suit the dress But you know best, of course." What beats a good wife? A ba husbund.


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