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An Imperial Relic

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The girdle presentad as a wedding ift to the Empresa Marie Louise by Napoleon, and bequeathed by the Emiress in 184T to the late Countess of Vestmoreland, is to be sold under tlie ammer in London. The ceinture is f gold, the design being classic, of the tyle of the Empire, formed of tvvo ïarrow bands of open work, set with earls in the form of the Greek honeysuckle at the edges, and joining at the centre with a large antique onyx carneo of Apollo and a muse, from which hangs a long pendant increasing in width down to the lowest edge, whei'e it is ornamented with five imperial crowna, each having a tassel of loose pearls. The pendant, being flexible, is made of broad open-work links of two patterns, repeatêd alternately, and gradually larger and larger from the waist downward. ïhe one of these is the sort of true lover's knot, inclosing a wreath with a star of gold ; the other a wreath with the Napoleon bee. ïhe edges are ornamented througkout with honeysuckle ornament in pearl set a jour.


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