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Charley Foster

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The boneless Hayes section of the Republican party, which is to the Stalwart sectioiï what compliant adipose is tomuscle and brawn, may be enth usias tically satisfied with the nomïnation of Charles Foster and Andrew Hickenlooper at the head of the party ticket in Ohio, but their joy is obviously destined to be short-lived, since tlie ülOfö alstfistef ul'it will be to the resürrectionists of Grant, and the better it suite Hayes the worse it suits tbose who turn his head and lead him byhia nose. The Stalwarta may try to disguise their disgust while the matter has the glosa of newnes on it, but they are sure to let their sentiments out before tlfe whole of tliis little eonfection is dissolved on the Admmintration palate. llaves hated Tai't, so far as absolute negation can summon np positiveness enougli to indulge in the vigor requisite for such a feeling; and, like Hayes, Foster has nothing about bis character that, in the well-remembered language of the Advertiser, is calculated "to hurt." Sherman is Hayes' man rather than Grant, and Foster is the favorite of Sherman. And so the Adrainistration is pleased, and lies down to ita pleasant political dreams. ïhis nomination will provoke trom the Stalwarts the familiar expression of gratitude under similar circumstances, "Thank ye for notliing." They are not going totake off any coats and roll up any sleeves to elect Charley Foster. They are in no hurry to grunt and sweat and fardéis bear in order to extend the present ill-conoealed smile of John Sherman. If Ohio is to have thePresidency again.they would rather it would be a Democratie occupant and be done with it. Not yet do they propose to fall into line behind the coattails of the great resumptionist. Therefore a variety of lively tunes threaten to make up the musical repertoire of the Republican party in Ohio thia year. And when it is remembered that it means the Administration party itself, the intensity ef tlie musie be comes one of the easiest of matters to foretell. The Ohio-, pudding is geing to be stirred vigorously while the flre burns under the pot, The Democrats philosophtcally look on, knowing that the last volume of mock sympatliy which Kepublican journals were getting ready to present in douche form t'.i Senator Thunnan will be needed to the last bucketfull for home uses. Only mention the word Wormley's to a Stalwart in connection with Charley Poster, and he will travel trom you as last ns a inember of the go-as-youplease society will push away the sawdust from the arena in which not so large prizes are contended for. -


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