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Rutherford B. Hayes

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When the Hayes Administration started' on its cttreer its fraudulent chiéf seemed tojfeel it incumbent on liim to concihatè public opinión, w'iie'." had been foi feited by liis elevatiojj. ■■ He accordingly made up his Cabinet oi all Borts of incorigruous elementa, Whigs, Know-Xothings, Democrats, Republicana, and Confedérate. Such a political inosaic bad rever beea seen or heard of since the f.unyus Rickingham Ministry in England duriiig the last centnry, whose members didn't knovv each other's nauies, and who in the atterupt io rvconcile antipathies became the laughing-stoek ot' Europe. Tlie Republican eonspirators of the -Senate and House who had won the Presidency for Hayes after Hayes bad been defeated at the polls, were passed by in silent contempt by the beneñciary of their crime. A new departure was promised. Local selfgovernment was no longer to te denied to the people. The malled hand of the military dictator was tobe at last withdrawn. Everythnig went on for a while as"merry as a marrlage bell." But soon the ground-swell carne, and tlie pent-up wratli of the disappointed politician was discharged at the devoted head of poor Hayes and his mild-mannered but very unrepresentative Cabinet. Simon Cameron resigned and went home in disgust, thus taking some hundred and lifty pounds avoidupois of chronic corruption out of the Senat3 forever. Blaine lashed himself into impotent rage and denounced the Executive after his own boisteroua fasbion. William Lloyd (arrisen, whose stormy life hasjust closed, went to his closet and poured shot and shell into the "Republican apostate." In the White House. Wendell Phillips and General Butler followed suit. Roscoe Conkling sent forth a shower of bilge-vvater from his rhetorical mud-machine. Any neophyte in politics could readily see what tlie result of all this woild be. The extremists had not soiled their hands and deflled their souls withthe work of fraudlent Returning Boards to be balked in this manner by one whom tliay, not the people nor the electorial colleges bad put into the White Housa They meant business. Híu r no Jtci' jad foríli their invective the extremists drew oFTTö'if'iiltnJ'Üistance and awaited developments. Hayes in due time meekly stirrendered to the radical wing whom he had attempted to break away from, and events are now happening with the accelerated progress of cause and effect. Evarts and Schuiz and Keyes and the rest of them have lallen into line behind Conkling and Blaine and Logan, and poor Hayes, the would-be Girondist, bas now become a Jacobin of the fiist water. General Grant himself must feel jealous of the figure Hayes is cutting. The disregard of Constitution and laws and the contempt for the spirit of our institutions which characterized Grant's administration are almost eclipsed by the


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