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How Cassius M. Clay Withdrew His Deposits

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U1u.g ot a Dank aíter receiving the money of its depositors, an aneodote was related yesterday about the Hon OMriu M Clay. He once went down toLomsTille from Frankfort, arrivinthere about noon, with f 10,000 in mouey whioh he designed to u6e next day Kor safety he deposited the money in one oi the Louisvillo banks, and next day when ho callod to gat it he found the doonolosedand the bank suspended. He asked to see the president and of adnutted, demandad his nionev. They told him he would have to'take hU chances with the other depositors! bu Oloring and locking the door, he drew a bowie kmto and told them he gave them just ñvo minutes to produce his money ihe argument wasfound irresistible, and he got h18 money and took it away - S aí101? was ?ver taken in regard to Mr. Clay a peculiar mthod of


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