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Record Of Circuit Court

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Hon. Gouverneur Morris. Circuit Ju.! ■■■. H. Clark, Clerk. L. F. Wade, Öopuf) Clerk. F. Emeriok, Proeecuting Attomejr. Joaditi B. ('aso Sheriff. T. I. Saaie], Reporter. James McMahou, FreJ A. Il uut, Clrcull C mil Coanplssfoners. Courtopened on Tnesday at 10 A. m., Judge Morris, presidiog. The har was well represented f'rom the ciiios and villages. Jurymon were sninmoned anpear on the following dy, The following ciisog were diaposed of: CRIMIXAL. Peoplo va. D;:if', arraignpd on cliargo of hroaking i tito liat and cap store of Terry, in thia city. Pleni guilty. People vs. Linooln D. Helia. Sarao charge, Plead not puilty. People vu. Ilarry B. Orr.charged with receiving stolen propurty. Plead not guilty People T9. Christopher Bnch, cbarged with larcony in stealing sheep in and about Cbelsea. Plead guilty. People vs. Win. Hartigan. Picad guilty to same chargp, People vs. Was. Osius, charged with assault and battery opon W. II. Holmes. Entered bail in $300. Peoplo vs. Patriok Dillon, likewise charged pon the pcrson of Abram Miller of York. Bailed in $000. CIVIL. In the matter of appeal of Henry H. Cook from order of Juflga. of Probate, refusing to admit t - probate the last will and testament of Ely Cook, decease'J, decisión of Probate Jude affiruied. In the case of Maria P. Eolly vs. Elisha H. Kelly, doeree of divoroe granted. Miohael J. Lehman admitted to practice in all courts of Michigan on presentation of University diploma. Wedxesday, Juno 18. CRI1IIKAL. People vs. James W. Bedell, arraigned oa charge of receiving stolen property. Plead not guilty. Over the term on baii. People vs. Martin Eckerish, arraigned for robberj'. Continued and respited. People vs. Harry B. Orr. Ploa of no guilty witbdrawu, and guilty interposed. Finod 100 and costs amouuting to $30. People vs. Daniel M. Gline, arraigned on charge of defrauding boarding house keeper. Bntared bail $100 to appear at next term of oourt. People vs. Christopher B.icl, arraigned for sheep stealing. One year at Ionia. People vs. Arthur E. Delf. Two years at Ionia. People vs. Hartigan. Sentence suspended. CIVIL. In thn matter of the application of Silas H. Douffhis for an order to Preston B. Ilose to show canse why he should not be punished for not complying with order of court reqairing hira to restore ' missing exhibits, application withdrawn on account of informality. Application in form renevved. Antoinette Richards vs. Thomas , ards. Divorce granted on ground of cruelty. Kappler andK. W. Haire vs. James S. Reynolds. Foreclosure deoree grauted. "


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