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TIIE MAME REÁPER so Cülebrated in thc East, ís OB exliiWüon and FOR SALE at A. R. Sohmldfa ('arriase Factory, eornor of Detroit and North Mts., Ann Arbor. AlW, nt L. n. Alley's, Doülrr; at .1. G. Grosi & y'otÍc" "ml Ilt li' ]I' Kr-t"n's' lomulip of Be sure and soe í before purchasing any other ! A. W. BEITTEN, Agent. 25-3w & PPil"lBPlO Send forsnmple-iiui'i ÍÚM i rrih prices üf P"P. (;-lr'1 BSBli'a B SEGV? Biurit and Printers' Siipplies to GEBKAItD & KRAMIOK, fi and H Enat Lamed 8t., DKTEOIT. DETROIT FRËeTrKS Wrotpjo & Stereotype FOUNIDRY. We have unequaled facilities for Electrotyplns nnd stereotyping Book Plates, Enffraved CutL Metal for Engravera, Circuláis. Carda, Labels-in fact evervthimr p-riaining to the arl LABELS, CIKCULAKs. CARDS, etc, taatilyset up and Metal C'asts shipped at a very reasonalile a'p. Newspaper Headingu, Sub-Headüigs, NuinberSIugs. etc, also fuinished. Correspondence solielted. Address FREE PRESS CO., jyjANHOOU: Mow Lost, How Restoreri. I Ju't publislied, a new edition of Dn. CuxtfCW VEKWELL'8 Cki.KBRATF.D Essay On the 3SÍÍS2J& radical cure (without medicine) í Si'iiiSr MAToHRHCEi or Semina] Weakness, [nToi untary Seminal Losans, iMroTFNcy, Mental and Physioal Incapadty, Impedimenta to Harriage etc ■ alsn, Cossümption.Epjlipsï vnd Fits, iadüced by ■elf-iodulence or soxual eitravaganco. &o. Bar I'rine in a scalod envelope, ouly six cents. ïbecelebrated author, in tliis admirable í''.ssay. cloily demónstrate, from n t.hivt.y yonrs' BUCeesntul praotice, that. the alatmlng consequenc of selfabuse maj be radlcally oured without (he dasgerous use of interna! medicine or the applicatton of Hip knitp; pointing out a. mode of cure at simple, oertain, and eflectual. by meana of whieh everv suttercr, no matter what big condition may bo, miy cure himaelf ohenply, privately, añil radical h. S This Leeture shouM bo in the Jiaiids of every youth nnd overy inan in the land. Snnt free, undor sjal, in a plain envnlope, to any address. Addrss the Publishers. The Culverivell Medical Co., 41 Ann St., New Yobk; Post Office Box, 4580. OEW GROCEBY! AT 16 EAST HU RON STREET, CASPAR RINSEY Has opened a new stock of Groceries at the above location, comprising e%-erything in the line at bottom prices -and purchased exclusively for cash. From a long experience in the trade, rctail and Wholesale, he believes He eau sell goous as cheap as the cheapeet. , CALL AND SEE HIS PEICES ! AH Goods Warranteil First-Class. Farmers produce wanted forjwhicli the hiuhest casli priee will bc paid. 113?" Eemember the place, 16 East Huron Streot, Ann Arbor. X"'p bi vj r %L&r More than the mnonnt -!;lted nbove. No trne can ful "' """y M,ak.„!V ever oflfered before. Bralne pWaaaat nn.l stricfly honorable Reader ir 2 rorethe public, send U8 jour adöresa and ve will JIXSEY & SEABOLI'S Bakery, Crocery, AXD FLOUR AND FEED STORE. We keep constnntly on hona BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c, Fot Wholesr.le and Ketail Trade. AVe slinll al$o koop a supply of DELHI PliOtTIï, ,1. SI. Suift & Co's IJest White TFheat Flottr, Kye Flour, Ituc-kwheat Flour, (orn Meal, Feed, &c, &c, &c. At Wholesale and rctail. A genera] stoelt of GROCERIES AND PE0VISI01T3 constantiy on hand, wliieli will bc boW on as reasouable terms as at nny otlier house in the city PrXegSehnS?yfür B"ttW' ' a"d oufÜiTehaïse:"613 '0 aDy "art f the C"5' lvi(!lRINSEY & SEAIÏOLT. Ann Arbor, Jan. 1, 1879. jP TT T? WI HP TT T?1 17 AND UPHOLSTERY! A.MUEHLIG 35 SOUTH MAIN STREET, Announces to the pnbllo that he is botter ttianever preparad to show thcm a completa stock 01' Furniture, compriaing BED BOOM SUITES, SOFAS, TETES, CHAIRS, &c, etc., At prices wontterfuliy loiv. I" Cali and seo our stook. "JJNIVEESITY T02ÏS0KIAL -AND- Batía. I3oorra.s.I o CALI, AND SBE O! I! CIGARS&TOBACCQS,, TBT OÍR ZFIVIEJ CEOSTT CIGAES, Chewing and Smoking Tobáceos. TOSSOBIAI, BOOBT-an wldto operator.. Huir Outting, ShMnpoolns, and Sbavlog Id tbe best and latcst slyles. Ratisfaction guarantecd. THE ONIT BATn ROOMS IN THE CÍTISO CKXTS A BATH. To CHBAP TO ;o DIKTï! Ko. 8 North Jlain Streef, Ann Arbor. C SCHUTT Lf A WEEK in yor mvn towD, and k SS M i10 "'"'■■'1 Vo" l';ln ffiv' tl I Hl 1 ;l tri"l without ezpeoae. V W "ohcst"PP"rlni:j-ovcr(II(.TI for nnil,,-,, , """' -.llrngto work. Youshould ■ ■ nectïoii uith my WHOLESALE Boot, Sise k Leailier BUSINESS, I liave oponed a sp'L rt %j"fii fí ?5!Pie&11 Department, At48S.MainSt., Where will be found a complete assortinent of Mea's, Ladies', Boy's, and Childron's BOOTS aaad SHOES of my own manufacture. CUSTOM WORK A SPECIALTY ! HBNRI KRAUSE. $■■■ g ■ 3ay n! home mude by the inör gí gp Tomen, boys and irl3 make money faster at work tor us than at aoything ele. The vork a ight and pieasant, and Buen ns Bnyone can go rigbt nt Th'w who ure wlse who sec thie notice wil] s, nl us thelr nddresses at once and seo fot themselvea Costly outfit and terms free. Now ia t ï tii time. Those already at wort are aiready up larg sumn of monoy. AddressTRUE & CO., Augusta, .Maine. " LEGÁÜÑOTÍCES. ÜEAJLEO P!tOPÖHls for paintine to O be done on each of the followinj: sclu.ol buildings, wil be receivi d by the underaismed from thla ilay until June 28tb, :ii 6 p w. inclusive ïh inside wood work of the High School, the Firet, Second, Tbird, and Fot.rth Wm-d School buildings 10 be painted with two good coats of l.est quality of lead and linst ed oil. ono onat of grainin lifrtit oak color, and to be Bnlahed irith one coat of good varmsh. ezcept the window sashes and woodon ccihriKs, which ure lo be painted with two L-oo.l coata of white lead and Hnseed oil The ontside wood work of all t!ie above named sohool binli inga to lie painted with two g-ood ooats oí ljst qualily of lead and Itnseed oil, eioept where it is now snnded. The work to be completed by the lst of August, the grarotng to be so done u oot io peel off, aud the sucecssful bidder wijl bo reqi'ired to give seounty for the faithiul perforniTiiice of the contract. The riaht of rajecting any nnd all prooosals is re-.ervcd. j,. 6RTJNEB, Chalrman of Building Coromittee Ann Albor, Juno 1U, 1ST9. 2i-2w Kstate of Silas Day. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY kj of Waêhtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the Coiinty of VV'ashtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor. on Tucsday, theseventf enth day of June, in the year one thousand eigbt hundred and seventy-nine Present, William I). Harriman, Judjre of Probate In the mattter of the estáte of Silas Day dcccascd. Myron Webb and Barah Ann Day, adininistratrr of said estáte, come into court and represent that they are now prepared to render their fiual account as eueh adininistrators. Thereupon it is ordered. that Saturday, tbc twclfth day of .Tuly next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigsed for examining and allowng siu-li account, and that the heirs at biof said deccased, and all other persons interested In said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court, then to be bolden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor In said coiinty, and show causo, if any there be, why the sak! account should not he allowed. And it is furtherordered tbat said admlnïstrators glve aoticeto the persons interested in saidestate o! the penden-y nf sftid account and the hearing thereof bv ■ a copy of this order to be published in the MirinriiN Aroot, a newspaper prlnted and circulating tn aid ennnty. three previ,. , , WILLIAM D. HAEBIMAN "Probate Beg!9d'6Of ' Estáte for Sale OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COTJNTS of Kuraell Briggs, an incompetent person Noti ís hereby riven, that in pnríuanEe of an od tl.e bighesl bidder, at the re-idenco of said i a-iggs in the towülup of Saline m Washtenaw in nld State, on Tpesd vx tuf Twe"' tt-skoosd iay of JüLY, A. D. i79 at ten o'c ooli in the iorenoon of that rtav (snbjeet' to .11 encunv brnnceshy mortgag -o n otl,erw1Se existine at . time Oí the , aale, t hofollowins dworibed real estáte, towit: Theeast half of the northoast ouarter o ?no w'UY f' ",n;ltWCnty " "" Si SSSVlde ö i'!,' hlf ot the northeiwt quartor of soction ÏZ lir ,In 'ow" forH)South range tive (.V Alsoi ■ i r' hto1""' County in Michigan Also tlnrty five (35; acres on the west side of the nfto In f' 'm D0rw' !-■■'■ of5tíon B„ (1), townfonrl-Dsouth rnnge tive (S) east (Saline) WwhtenawCounty in Mioïiiffan. Also thesonth8 . qnarter of .cetion thirtyV, town nee hj jonth range flve eest (Lodi), Whtenaw County iii Estáte of i:i-tr-k:ili Walker OTATE OP MICHIGAN. COUXTY iwí ("'"?!' 'T-"'1 ?At:x seafioa of the Probate Cl ■ ) 'V.l' "",lv '!i wsh'enaw,boMen al the Probóte Office, in ti, cuy of Aon Atbor, on Wedneaday, the eleventh dny 01 Juno, in the year one Pre-ct,!, Villiara . Hairiman, Juds-eof Probate In the matter of the estáte of Bebekan Walker' r 'ln '"'"'n'"?, :mi1 n'in!r the Petit''n lly verifico of Ocoige C. Paje, prayina that u cenain instrument „ow on Sle' in this Cov.n, parporünl to Z thi liint Wijl nrici reetamentof aaid deeeued mar be ÜSmS&Sa "ud hc "my be Thrrei.imn it ia ordeicl, that Montlay, the seventh day of July noxt, ut ten o'clock in the assigned for the hearingoi said petiMon,ajdthatthedevi8ee.,legatee8andhelrsatlaw oí said deceased, and all otHer peraone interested in said satate, are required to appcar at asession of ,ai,1 couit, then to be holfól at the i róbate Olice m tho city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, .f any theie be, why the paver of the peütioner ahould do! be srantod: And it ia further orderert tliat said petitioner give notice to the persons intert.sted in eaid estáte, pi tho pondenoy of said petition and the hearin? thereof by usmij a copy of this order to be publislied in the Michigan Abods, a newspaper printed and eireulated in said oounty, tinte successive weeks prcvimis to eaid day of hearing, ... , W1LLIAAI D HAKEIMAN, w n nfZ'K 3ndso of tóbate Wm. O. Uuty, Probate Eeirister, Estáte of John O. Groeziiiger. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, C'OUNTY IW.d:, W,lli,,m i). Hnírimiin.Jndse of Probate W,sed m "'tate oí John G.GroezingJr, I On readiugand flling the petitlon, dulyverifled üer'ón. "'ay be gl'anted lo sume "itable I Thcreupon it i8 orderea, üt Monday, tho thirrequired to appear it ,i sesswn of said court ], Beal Kstate fiar Sale. í safa deceasGa, in LodJ in iliiM'imnívfw i I. fi mor otbwwlM oxirtlng al the time oí the death ' ,'n" ',,;rf," f se; 'on nul?ber U-lrty-mx f36) in "Mi. l' ip' n J '' nge four W ea8t (Freedom), Duted, April 25, 187!) AABON L. FELDKAMP, Administratordebonis non. ( LEGAL IMOTICES. Notice of Chancory Order. TATE OP MICHIGAN', THH CIRCO O Court for the County oí Washtenaw, in Clu 3 eery. i Almira Thompson, Complainant, ['. VS. I Silas Thompson, Defendant. . Washtenaw County, as. It satisfactoria , penrine to me that Si la Thompson, the defenda i is a non-resident of tina State, on morton of C I raer, Frueauií & Corbm, folicitora and of boui r for the eomplainant, it is ordercd that t.he said . . fenasnt, Bflas Thompson, cause bis appearance t hiscausetobeenterrdwithin three nlontha fu . the date. of this order, and that in caso of íiíh i . pearance he canee bu aoswer to the complainan l.ill of complaint to beflled in this canse and a co ' ír816 íií? be sen'ed ''-■ complainant's solí - tors withm twenty days after due service of a co of said bilí on the defendant or htS solidtor an( 1 noticíüfj'"a 'der and ln default thereof that t said bilí be taken as confeaaed by the said defer ant. And it w furthcr ordcrtd that within twen aayatheBudcomplaloant cause a notice of this der to be publiahed in the Michigan Argus, weekly paper printedin the city of Ann Albor. said i'ountj-, and that the gold publfcaüon be cö tlnued in said paper al least once in each week i six succcfsive weeks, or that she cause a copy this order tobe personally served on the Baid . fendant, SUas Thorepaon, at lenst twrntv dava r fors ,the time above prescribed for his appearaoc Dated, Ann Albor, .May 8, 1879 JAMES MoMAHON, Circuit Court Ciimmissioner f Washtcnaw County, Mich. CBAHXIt, FlirKAVFF & CORBIN, , __ Solicitors and of Counsel for Complainant. Estáte of Natlian Bnzzsrd. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COTTNT kJ ot Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Proba Court for Ibe County of Washtenaw, holden i the Probate Office in thecity oi Ann Arbor, on Sa iirdiiy, the seventh dny of June, in the year on Uuraeand eiirht hundred and seventy-nine Present, William D. Hxrnman, Judseof Probati In the matter of the estáte of Nathan Buzzarc I deceased: On rendlng and Bling the petition, duly vcrifleiï id Benjamin B. Nichols, praymg that he may b lioensed to sell the real estáte whereof said decease died seized Thercupon it is ordered. that Wednmday th nmth dayof July next, at ten o'clock in thefore assiyned for the hearing ot said petition and that the huirs at law ot said deceased, and ai otner persons mterested in said estáte ure re quired to nppear at a Gession of said Court, thei to be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, and show oause, if am Ibero be, wby the prayei of the petitionerf should not be Branted: And it is furtlier orderei that said petitioners give notice to the persons interested m eaid estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by aanging copy of this order to be pubüshed in the Miohioan Aucu-, a newspaper printed and circulated in sak) county, three auccessive weeks previous to taid day oi hearing. ' WILLIAM D. HAKRriIAN, gj'gggi.l.. -,LiJ"iW i Probate. Estáte of Fisclicrs- -minors OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COITNTY KJ oí Washtenaw, es. At a scs.síod of the Pro i'iiuV'rXy'T Si"?l of L, howL Wednesday, the fourth day of June, in the vear ore thousaml eight hondreá and seven.y-, ne Prisent, ,lnHm D. Hurrlman, Judgeof Probate In the matter of the estáte of GeorKo Hscher' S3 ,!"ino8eti t0 S011 - Sí 'o Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday the ■! day of Jnly next, at ten o'clock n the torenoon beaarijmad for the hearing ofeaid t.eii''?■ "?.d the next of kin of%aid miCs and all other persons interested in said estáte are required to apnear at a session of safi L„"rei'tv o" SS ï'i'r1 :C the 'bate omce'i, the city of Ann Arbor, nnd sho- canse, if „r,v I1..1,. be,wny the prayer of the petilione ■ sho "m not be granted: And it ia further ordered that 'aul pctit.oner give notioe to the persons n ested m said estáte, oí the penrlomv 1 %fri Üteta of Joaeph t. Barken VTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTT 'O'olpck in the forenooa of eaoh oïïaid da ' ho Jated, Ann Arbor, May ■,;, i. ,'"7!,lL'rstl, WILLIAM D. II i'krIKAS, a!' , Judgeot I'robaie. " LEGAL NOTICES. " MTortsrapre Sale. TT TEFATTLT HA VING BEEN MADE IN TBE --' ramditions of a certa In morlguu bearine di" the elevenlh day ol' July, one thuusnnil eitrht hn ürni und seventy-six, m ., c. .,„,) executed liy Chara Gwionerand Eli tu ti, Gwinner.his wife, botí ""' r, Wusbtenaw ('ouiíj, ; Michigan, ni mortgagors, to John Conrail Bind ,nt, i ot the township ot bridgewater, coimtv nfWashit rn. mw and Stat of Michigan 115 inor't"aree „el recorded on tho twenty flirt dny of a u'Ktit, A. 1 1 lf1-, t 2U i1 m., 111 líber 61 of mortgaires ou p , in 691, in the office f the Register ofDeedá for ti un county ol VVaehtenav, Miahigan, nml more tha Bixty davs having ejapsed since defaolt was maè it'e in the payment of interest end principal ilne tha ,pv by accordinK to the terms of sni.l mortgage and tb note accompanying the aame, gn-ing the mortgag ,py the right toeleef that the whole sum ot pnuciK a a and interest should bc due nnd owing at once aji ;he thesaid morteagee haring so made his electia and there being ilaimed to le due on snid mi ity pase and the note aforeroentioned at the date i this notiee the sum of nine hundred and twoiiila ars, and n proceedine at law or in equity hai-in in been i ui to recover the same or anv mrt ,„. thereof: Notine is therefore hereby given t'hatlll or TirtiiH of a power ot snle in said mor-oae colof taiiied, atul of the statute in sueh cases maie ri provided, I shall stil at public auction or vendiw. ,r. to the hl ;hest Mrtdcr, on Satvrday, the Twrxn;e. SiXTH day of Jcly, A. D. 1879, at ten o'cloclc il the. forenoon of said day, at ihe south door of tin Court Houso (that beinjrthe place for holdinir tin br circuit court for the county ol Waehtesair, Mi ganj, the premises desciilied in said mort"ace follows, to wit: All those eertain pieees oiparc(ll ot land sitúate and being in the rillnge of Ma - L'.e?trr' ln the oour.ty of AVashtemw and State d MiehiKan, and beini; morepartirularly describedii adeedgiven by Cliristopher Kat, his ivifc, nM Jacob Kat z and Anna Mary Katz, his wife, of tl te township of Manchester, county and State fo it Charles Gwirmer. and lieir.s recorded il tho Begister's Office of Washtenaw count" in libo ie 58 oi .Irnls, on page 729, on the 17th diy of August, ISfil; il also In a deed niven by John W Cow e. and Dorcas ('ora, his wife, of the town of SharoD, I, county nnd State aforesaid, to Charles Gwinnët and being recorded in the Regiater'a Office d I, W ■nshienaw county, in liber fi2, paye 610 ■ and al e .n „ deed giren by William H. and Cedelia Eessnc, il hiswife, ot Manchester, connty and State aforesaid to Charles Gwinner, and being recorded in e the Registert Ottieeof U'aahtenaw county in libel - 65, page 432. It bcins expressly liereby intendeJ i, by the partiesof the flrst part that this morfsact : 1 19 to cover their entire interest under the last on- tioncd tli ree deeds. The .aid premises being df ' i senbed in the deeds above mentioned, as follom, I 1 jo wit: Pait of lot. numberseveu in block ' F ber thieein the village of Manchester, bcginninj I s at the northwest corner of said lot thence soiith oa I 1 a parallel line with the line of said lot sixty-tW ' ï, 0Ile-llalf feet,thence east on a lineparallcl with I I the south lme of s.-iid lot thirty-two feet.thenre north on a line parallel with the east line of said lot sixty-two and one half feet, thence west i two feet to the place of begi rods off pouthensterly end seven in block nuniber thre. chester ; also part of lot i nuniber three of the villajji sixty-two and one-1 northwest corner of said lo thirty-two feet, thence f tet. I thence west thirty-two f, dv l"w. SagL' a"d 'he 0StS and Penae, aUowS "Dated, April 22, 1S79 Attorneys ior Mortgagee. SherifT's Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY kJ of W ashtenaw, ss. IraBassett vs. Noah Stevens. liy vntueof it writ of execution issued out ol and under the sea! of the Circuit Court for the andró5",?, 7"8h'e,n!"1'' f," '1 "ove e„titled cac, and to mpdirected 1 delivered.I didon the ninetrmh ,,,„■ of March. A. D. 1879,'levy uPon ai the right, tule and at of Xoah stevi„s the defendant ïnsjudwritnamed, in and to the followine degoribed real estáte situated in the count? o? U Mhtenaw, Btate of Michigan, to wit 7 Lotïnum' ber seven 7j aiu seventeen fl7),ecion foor In RisdonV plat of ll.e village of Saline, town foúr ronth range flye east ; also the east half of the I wtitheast qnarfer of section thirty-three, town I ;hrce south range fiveeasi, county of W.shtenaw, !; State of Michigan. Whioh above desenbed real esate I shall sell at public vendue to the highest bidler at the north door of the Court House in the Jty of Ann Arbor, in said county of Waohtenaw, that beinK the placfof holding the Circuit Courts phere the premises are situated) on the Seventk o,;:,J„rtï;afd,iv-.1S79'attwooldock in '- { Dated, May 23, 187, JOSIAH S. CASE, Sheriff. Estáte of Jacob Berry TATE OF MICHIGAN, C0UNTT J ol Washtenaw, ss. Notice is hereby given that ran order of the Probate Court for the County ashtenaw, made on the ninth day of June, . D. 179, siji months froru that date werè lowed for credltois to present thcir claims against e eatate oi . cob Uerry, late of said county, oeaeed, and that all creditors of said deceased are nuiredto present their claims to said Probate ■ uri. at tbe Probate Office In the city of Ann Arr.foreiamlnition and allowance.on or bcfore j e ninth day of December next, and that ch claims wil be heard before said Court n íesday, the ninth day of September, and on esday, the ninth day „f December neit, at ten lock inthe forenoon of each of said days. Jated, Ann Arbor, June 9 A Ti 1879 william' d'. h'akrïman, 2wi Judee ot Trobate.


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