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-Manufacture of briek and tilebegan at Milán, Muy 9. - Poison ivy disfígurod tho counte[ manee of Frank Dcane of Alanchester. -A good many Manchesterians had business in Jackson during the races last week. - Differenees arising over text books is evoking acritnoniousdisoussion ia Scio village. -Mr. J. F?poor of Ypsüanti has recei ved f750 frotn Washington due under the arroars pension bil!. -Mr. J. A. Erarts having rc-signed the position of station agent at Scio, GW. Kelly succeeds him. - R. E. Frazermade a stirring speech in a grove on Suuday near Mitcheïls, in Salem. Thirty signers. -The coramenceraent exercises of the Dexter High School will be held on Priday evening, June 20th, 1879. - George Clarken has exohanged his residence and saloon in this city for the farm of Wrn. Grahani, looated in Salem. -Supervisor Eose of Sharon sheared the larger flock (660) of sheep in that town in 1878; A. Hitohoook, 420 in 1879. -Pather Lumb of Ypsilanti celebrated his 80th birttiday on Sunday by deli vering a lecturs at High Street Chapel. -The law reducing the kerosene oil test goes into effect July lst, and it is expected the prioo will be reduoedthereafter. - rra.nit l'reeinan, once a resident of Manchester, Ruicided in Elmira, N. Y, lately by sending a loaden inissive t.hro' bis lif-ad. - Blosser of the Manchester JZnterprüe asserts his inteation to remiin at home and oot juin tbs excursión to California to meet Gen. Grant. - In the absence of himself and farnlly, the resideiice of öotliob G-all of Freeiloin, was entered on Friday, and a watch with $50 in cash stolen. -The gilded youtb of Ypsilanti ,0 to Wayne when tliey desire to get on a glorious drunk. The names of 18 of 'ein are written whera they aro handy to get at. - The Eastern Michigan Agricultura] and Mechmiical Society will hold its fair m Ypsilanti on Tupsrtny, Werinrl;iy, Thursday, and Friday, September 23, 24, 23, and 20. -On Friday the frame barns of S. PBray of Pittsfield, wftre biirned, the work of an inoendiary, it is believed. Property of various desoiiption was consumed. Iasured $1,800. - Madison Miller, a painter fellffrom soaffolding, a distauce of eighteen f eet, while working n PlainfieU, and was brought to his homo in Chelsea, where he is slowly recovering. - On Tuesday, with a four horse team, Timothy Pohey of Webster, drew one hundred and fifty bushela of wheat in one load to this city and sold it to Messrs Swathel Ailes & Kyer. - Isaac Elliot residing about one mile from this city on the south Ypsilanti road lost six sheep on Monday night. His flock of one hundred were driven in to the woods and the above number taken. - Mr. Hoffraan's services as leader of Bexter's band have been eecured for one year through pledges of five dollars per aunura from forty persons, which with f200 from the band, will reward hira for his time. - The Ypsilanti Scntinel hints at a disgraceful scandal in wbioh young ladies of the normal school at that place and young men from the unlversity are mixed up. The matter has already culminated seriously, the paper says. - She whom he vowed when sober to cherish and protect became the object of assault when drunk. Torn Warner took the pledge beforo esquire Goodyear of Manchester, who is trying to reform him under suspended sentence. - The Chelsea Counoil has passed au ordinance closing all saloons at lOo'clock everyevening, and all places of business, including barber shop, on S-.nday, - drug store being allowed to sell medicines only on that day. - Aq ordinance prohibiting those wishing to e ugage in eale of meals, drinks, &c, without license, adopted by the common council of Manchester, is so unpopulur in that of being a direct thrust at cLiurch societies that a repeal is anticipated. - Mr. J. B. Vanatta of Salem, writes the Argüs f rom La wrence, Kansas, under date June 11, oonveying the news that wheat-a twothirds is being harvested - corn good. The following day he aud Mrs. V., were to leave for southern Kansus. - Ypsilanti's school board has superceded Prof. Magill by appointment of Mr. It. W. Putnam of that city superintendent. Position of precoptress in place of Miss Mabel Pletcher has not been filled. Prof. Fair and Mrs. Rogera will remain in their positioni. - 31343 bushels of wheat were receivud at Michigan Central depot, Dexter, during May. - Whooping cotigh lingnrs in and about Milán. Agua is shaking a greater number than usnal. - Mrs. Walker, who died lately bequeathod one hundred dollars tö the Dexter Baptist Cbnroh. -The Tpsilanti Union Cornet Band I proposa to celébrate, by speeches, tic games, and a grand hall, the auniversary of firitiah emancipation, August 1. Thespeaking and games will take place at the Ypsilanti Driving Park, and the ball, in the evening, will be given at Light Guard Hall. -Mrs. Oerrann celebrated her íifth birthday at tho residence of ber sonin-law, Mr. 1. Worden, Ypsüanti, on Monday of last week. Sho retama all berfacultiesandenjoysgoodhealth. Sbe is probably the oldeat residont of Ypsi lanti. Six children, twelve grand-ehildren, and ten great grand-cbildron were present. I -A figlit took plac! not far frora Milán village lately between two women, who are sisters, for tbepossession ofsome onioris, which botb partios claimed. One of the belligerents, beingreinforced by her husband, outnumbered the other party two to one, and advancingon right and left ílank of the smaller party, ronn (Jeoided the fracas with considerable Jamage to tbe weaker party. - Friday was set down fov examination of Charles Downer, ono of the alloged sheop stealers of Chelsea. Downer j f'eigned illnoss and asked justice Noyes and constable Curaraings to aceompany him to his father's residence where bail was to be forthooming. Eeaching the premises, the threa alighted. VVhile the officers were sitting on the porch awaitingthe appearanee of their late prisoner, he was rapidly fleeing in rear of the 3 welling to the woods. Partios searched the woods the following night but with)ut avail. - A forty-fívo ponnd tumor was removed from the body of Jehiel H. Smith of Milán on the 4th instant, by Prof. j Maclean of the University. It had been growing on his right hip for twenty yearg. The nature of the tumor was different from what was supposed, and the operation more diffioult to perform than antioipated, there being several more arteries running from the body to the tumor than was supposed to exist. Mr. Smith is recovering frora the effect of the operation as speedily as oould beespeoted after the removal of so large an incumbranoe. -At the twenty-second annual meeting of the Ypsilanti Home Assoeiation the following offioers were eleoted for the eneuing year: Pres.- Mrs. Jno. Gilbert. lst Vico Pres.- Mis. E. Follett. 2nd Vioe Pres- Mrs. Weed. Eee. Sec. -Mrs. H. E. Dickinson. T. H. Treas.- Mrs. S. Shier. Detroit Home Treas.- Miss Delia Compton. Exeoutive Comraitteo- Mrs. Bellows, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. I Hayes, Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. La Rue, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Laible. Mrs. Kief.- During the past year this society has assisfed eiflity-+iT-"-i tulHug co ijm vaiue of $346. S7, iu money and clothing. -The managers of "Field Day" are making great preparatioos which promisn to tnake the day one of the most interesting of commenoement week. Speü's Detroit orchestra have been enfüged and a large number of prizos will be awarded to the sucoessful contestants in the different games. Among these will be a pair of silver mounted foils to be presentad to the best fencer; a silver eup as first prize in the ten mile walk con test ; a silver goblet as first prize for putting sledge, a pair of expensive Indian clubs to tbe successful competitor in this contest, besides a nuraber of other prizes.


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