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Have you ever examined Baoh & Abel'a Black Silks? Thpy are 20 per cent eheaper than anyother house in the city -reason why ? They buy direct froru the iiaporter and save a" middleman's profit. Their$l,17 and $1,39 Black Silk astonishes overy one. 12-tf' All through tho year Bach & Abel will be constantly receiving new goods, and large quantities of Jobs, and would be pleased to have you teet what would appear to ba bold aseertions on their part. 12-tf AKCHEKY! THE NATIOXAL GAME. Don't fuil to call at Douglas & Co'a. and examine their large and complete stock of Bovvs, Arrows, Targets, Belts, Quivors, ifco., which they have just recived at their new stoie ia National Qauk Block. 17-lt The reason why Bach& Abel sell more Ties, Lace-, Handkerchiefs, Kuching, 3ollars and CufFs, than any other house n the city, ia, because a lady can find ust what she wants by going there. ReliLious Intelllifence. - Rev. Mr. Sunderland will preaoh next Sunday morning on " Choosing a Vacation." A sermón to students. Ko evening service. Baoh & Abel guarantee their öOo Corsets just as good as sold in other houses tor 5o. Bach & Abel's is theflrsthouse inAnn Arbor to pull down that fatal sign 'credit" and hoist in its place that other that wins every time. Cash Down. Big bargains in store tor the ladies of Ann Arbor at Bach & Abel's for 1879. 12tf For the largest and most complete stock of Wall Paper and Window Shades go to Douglas & Oo's., Albino Block. If you want your Baby to look bright do not put it to sleep with laudanum when restless, but use Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup. 25 cents a bottle. AECHERY ! THE NATIONAL GAME. Don't fail to cali at Douglas & Co's. and examine their largo and complete stock of Bows, Arrows, Targets, Belts, duivers, &c, which they have just received at their ucw store iu National Bank Block. 17-lt Certain parties are trying to hush it up but the i'act seems to be quite generally known that the White is the best sewing machine in the world. Sold ouly by I. L. Grinnell. The White is not only the stillest but it is also the lightest running shuttle machine in the world, besides it never oils the work being neariy as olean as a hand needie. 5 bales of Eussia Crash at 10 conts per yard at Bach & Abol's. Sold in other houses at 15 cents, same goods. The only place in Ann Arbor you can fmd a ful] line of Fancy Buttons, is at Bach & Abel's. 12-tf 50 new all wool Shawls at Bach & Abel's at $1.50 - very cheaD. Cali and seo the beautiful patterns of Wall Paper at Douglas & Co's., National Bank Block. Their arrangetnents lor exhibiting it are unsurpassod, and their prices can not be teaten. 16-2t i Charles Meyer will be pleased to wait on all of his Germán friends at Douglas & Co's. new store in the National ■bank Block. 16-2t Special Bargains : 80 doz. LW Pancy Hm ,,t - - "ni 3"Q. ov mA. Jjadies regular madeBalbriggan Hose at 25c, former price 40c. Bacii & Abel. Bach & Abel have all the new styles ii fancy Ribbons. 12-tf ARCIIERY! THE XATIONAL GAME. Don't fail to cali at Douglas & Co's. and examine their large and complete stock of Bows, Arrows, Targets, Belts. Quivers &c, which they have just rece;ved at their new store in National Bank Block, 17 lt Any books outside of the usual line can be procured on the shortest notice and at reasonable prices at Douglas and Co'8. new store in the National Bank Block. iG-2t Largest and cheapest line of Parasols in the city at Bach & Abel's. Bach & Abel have just received 25 dozen more of their magnificent Kid Gloves at 50 cents per pair; samequality as retailed elsewhcre at 75 cents and$l. Mack & Rchmid ire clearing out all their suits at cost. The rush still continúes and crowds come from all directions to securo the great bargains that are offfired at Mack & Schmids and whicfi have created ap excitement unparaieled in the anuals of the dry goods trade in this city. Towels, napkins, table linens, special bargains in theso goods at Bach & Abel's Don't go to Detroit to buy your wall papiir before yon see the beautiful Dado patterns at Doug'.as and Co's. which they are selling at xmces that will dofy ;ompetition. 10-2t The White has self-setting needies, self-threading shuttle feed on both sidei of the needie, and mukua iiie fastest time on record. lts sales are alref mXvrJ}"v,u?in-èk:' rf iV of" ooune ild by I. L. Grinnell, the most successful agent ever in the county and one vvho has had more experience already in now machines than any other agent in the county will have had ia ten years. Bach & Abel offer for the next thirty days, 3 cases of Bleached Muslin, equal in value to Fruit of the Loom, Watnsutta or New York Milla, at 9 cta. per yard 5 bales of the best Brown Cottons in the market at 8 cents per yard. Never be-, fore have suchinducements been offered in this lino as are offered this month. 12-tf All kinds of cheap and choice Stationery may be found at Douglas and Co's. new store in the National Bank Block. Theirassortmentof Blank Books is also unsurpassed. 16-2t The nicest fitting corsets manufactured, and the largest display willbefound at Bach & Abel's. 12 tf Bach & Abel's heavy Gros Grain Colored Silks at $1.10 beats them all. Bach & Abel are selling their new Black Cashmores very cheap, indeod, 20 per cent. cheaper than over before known. They can afford to as they buy for cash and sell for cash. ]2-tf DETROIT, HILLSDALE AND SÜUTHWESTERN RAILROAD. To take effect May 25, 1879. OOING WEST. OOING EAST. STATIONS. Mail. Exp. BTATIOHS. Exp. Mail. Ypm'lftDti ... 8:25 7:lo' A" " r' MDuledo June. ft:45 7:;ü Iínnknrs t:00 2:25 Saline. .. 9:25 7:50 Uillsdale ... 5:30 2:35 I Bridgewator.. 11:47 8:12 Manchester.. 8:30 4:11 Manchester. 10:22 8:37 Bridi?ewater 9:00 4:30 P.M. Saline 9:50 4:47 Hillsilale 1:0(110:25 Toledo Jane. 10:10 4:67 lianker. .1:10 10:35 I Ypailanti.. . ■ 10:35 5:15 Tmins run by Chicago timo. W. F. PAKKEB, Snp't, Ypsilanti. XDOILïT"!1 P.AIL To try the Sniii lie BEFORE YOU BUY. It is Simply Wonderful IT IS SOLD AT J. F. SCÏÏÜH'S HardwareJStore. 'pHE LARGES'f AND BEST STOCK OF PAINTS, OILS, ALL KINDS OF Painters' Materials, &c. AMEEICAN AND FEENCH WINDOW CIiASS AU Size. 26 and 28 East Washington Streef ANN AEBOE. Prices of Lime Reducert ! Kelly Islanct Linie, 25 et, per blink, Honroe Um, 25 cents per bnstaeU ITIacon Linie, 23 cent per bnsbel. FOR SALE. Calcined Piaster, Water Lime, Cement, F]hsti. np Hnir ml Land Piaster, at mjr Lime-Kiln ner 'CiiiTftl Depot. lo'f JACOB VOLUNB. ,'K I 1I lt l Iv KUAÜSE, Will attend to all soles on eliort notice, t reatoa ble charge. P. O. address Ann Arbor, Mich.


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