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- Mrg. Chas. il. Jünps ,. rfgiting her sister Mrs. G. T. Jenkins of Plint. -Jas. Donovan of North Lansing bas been his parents this week. - Mrs. J. Gansou of Flint, i8 visiting her sister Misa Condón of this city. -Miss Clara Hodgora of Detroit, is visiting Miss Olements of State Street.. - Miss May Kelloy of Cleveland, is visI iting her grandfather, Mr. 8. P. Jewett. -Mr. M. O'Hara has rot.irned frora his trip to K -insas and considera it a fine country. -Mr. L,. B. Vaughn of Petrolia, Ontario, is visiting his father, Leonard Wjghn, Esq. - D. üeffort of West Point, Nebraska, was visiting last week in this city, the guest of D. Fred. Schairer. - Mrs. Mat D. Blosser of Manchester I Enterprise departa for Syracuse, N. Y., this week to visit her parents. -Mr. Edward Aston of Columbus, spent a few days lately with his brother-in-Iaw, Joe T. Jacobs, Esq. -At the meeting of State Medieal society held in Detroit last week, Dr. Breakey was elected one of its viee presidents. -E. KT. Clempnts, class '79 University college of Toronto, member of Zeta Psi fraternity is visiting fraternity friends in this oity. - Mrs. Probate Register Doty left the city on Monday for a two weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. A. H. Snow of Winona, Minn. -John K. Yocum of Lyndon, and James Riggs of Sylvan are among defignated vice-presidents to preside July 4, at Grass Lake colebration. - County Treasurer Fairchild left the city on Monday for a few weeks tion, intending to visit a sister in Ithaca, and other points in New York. - Next, being commenoement week in this city, Judge Morris will adjourn the court for that period nieantitna presiding at Adrián for Judge Pratt, who is L11. -Coronar W. O. Terry conteraplates leaving this city about July lócate at Warren, Macorab County, where he will practice medicine. Mr. Terry is a gradnate of the University. - From a Denver newspaper we observe the arrival in that city of Mr. John Greening, a former resident ofLyndon and gradúate of daas '75 now a prominent lawyer of Bay City. - Representativo Allen of Ypsilanti deliverod an oration at the thirdannual re-union of Van Buron oounty veterans held on the 14th instant. Mr. Allen ielivers an oration at Grass Lake. Julv 4. - Attorneys attending court: Messrs. E. P. Allen, Albert Crane, J. Willard Babbitt of Ypsilanti ; G. W. Turn Buil, D. B. Taylor of Chelsea; A. D. Crane of DcxÉer ; A. E. Hewett, E. B. Norris of Manchester. -George F., son of Hon. Jno. J. BoK ison for years doputy clerk of Datrnlf. i superior court, declined a re-appoiutment at the hands of Judga Chipman, preforring to enter upon the practico of the lw ;- n.-i . „ -E. J. Ferdon, '73, fornjerly of this City, and Miss Etta Leo of Lancaster, N. Y., were niarried Tuesday at the residence of the bride's parents in the latter place. Miss Mary Ferdon and Miss Nora Lee were present at the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Ferdon will spend commencement week in this city, the guest of the former's parents. W. B. Williams, also of '73, and law class of '77, wae married the same day to Miss Lucy White of Lapeer.


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