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Ibrahim Pacha, In London

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ng anecdotes respecting this .illustrious t ;uest.of John Buil, fro.m an article it the ( ♦iewYork "Dcutscfie Schntflpost," exracted from the . Cologne "Zcttung." a 2achanecdote s worthy of .PpncJi V At Mtivai-t's hotel,. where the Egyptian rince repidd, onof thcmters, in ,.hjs gnorancef 'urkish manners, had dírcd f o lay his christian hands on ths sacred i ilippers of his highness, for he purpose i f dusting th,em. Obgerving this, the ;laves cjf the priflcc darted likelightning jh the astonished waiter, pulled off the Dffender's shoes, and were about to xdminjster the bastinqdo }, but ceased is a pólice inspector, on duty in the louse, ran foryard, and informed the jarties that English freedom did not allow :his summary exercise of the Turkish 3odö of law. Like the thunder after the lightning, there foüowed from Ibrahim, who was franfic rage, a blow from fhe kouTbash- whip- which he alwaysj2&..ijul.íiiiu_v'uh 1110 siiouiuers ui afficer of the law ; and t was not "" several policernen were called in, een the Pacha could be forcibly quieted. ancc afiair will not be legally investigated, uj that case the residence of the The s guest in England might be iop, ! extended longer than he intends. " cavili ; the visit of the Pacha" t'o 'the lhan nes 1 unnel, on taking hia departure n jh( as poíitely requested to seat himself vided a chair near the entrance, in which it P nal tp weigh the visitors : but 8ubct suspicious by nature, made one Óf The uite, of about his own size, talie hía gtanc i ; wlio, to the astonishment, and Uvin red by the case 'of his royal master, 'y ' from it perfectly safe : the Jatter be-' 8ta"( ngtnatorne tnck was about tobe ip sd, and that at least one of his ears n v d be lost in the operation. . ' ucti at the person who gave the greátes'í' & ' ice to Ibrahim Pacha, was the' in ' r of the (Bank of fcngíand. This ' ble gentleman had placed a roll of squa ;-notes in the bands of bis Egyptian fiber ness, observing that their value was ' S' million pounds sterling. His an , laughing heartily, was about t'c the bank-notes. in his roomy __ ables, whenMr. Heath, the gover'nor ,c,,8 he bank, hastily snatched 'them away, 'ifa ' with a shake of his head, again herc :ed them. up in the drawer from which ïad taken thom. The interpretér had Vith ;h trouble. jto mako the Pacha tend d that the intention had been. only tó o{ l w, and not to give them to him : for pa,n ihim firmly believed that this million mu :ling ought to have been a and esh," (present,) and went awayi dtsf ttering that "it was a scurvy trick the y have taken the liberty of playing ' n hi bon ÍENTAL HALLUC1NATIONS. bod