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lt'a wouderïul what lots of folkn Have got to loose their soul, And their unworthy carcassea Bo cast in obscure holes ; Becauae they die outside our pale We leave theui in the lurch; They might have known of this in time And come and joined our church. The doctrine that we advocate, The way that we baptize, Are primitivo and simon-pure - The rest are only lies; We hold the oream of all the trutti, By study and research Of course it's bad for other üolki, But bully for our church. We caBt our ministers in moulds, One pattern for them all; We test their voices on one note Before they get a cali lf one should daré to chance hia views We then apply the birch, And if that fails, we lire him uut. And make him leave our church. ÍVnverBion w hliave ffi: A coming round us; The holding of another oreed We think ridiculous. Of oourse we love to save their souU, And take a li vely search ; But lots of them we know are lost Because they miss our ohuroh. Our oharity hides lots of sins, That is, our own it cloaks; But somehow it ain't big enough To cover other folks. A dreadf ui handy garment this In oase of spot or smiroh, But still it leaves a margin wide For those ontside our church. liife-giving waters we dispense lf carried through our pipes; But if it comes through other tubes H'b dishwater or swipes, We help the poor, we heal the sick. lf roosting on our perch; Unfortunately there are ome Who starve outside our cMiroh. Our pipes are laid ia Hindostán, To northi and south and west ; And ]ust a few ünd out our planThe Devil gets the rest. We count it strange that Ood ghould leave Bo many in the lurch- Hut an uncommonly Boft thmg For those inside the church. 80 listen when we ring the heil. And rnsh to get a seat; This is the only air-line route, With palace cars oomplete, Don't listen to thoie other men, Nor make a longer search, "Through tiokets, without chauge of cart, O come and join our church. - Utioa Übservei.


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