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Republican Desperadoes

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The course of tlie Republican leaders in the Senate this week has been atrocious. They have f ought the army bill as though they were the rump of the Grant movement fighting for the last chance to secure an election ; or as though, as is commonly conjectured, there were some secret motives in their opposition. The importance ii what they have said has by no means justified their intensity and deaperation of purpose. They have transcended all regular and legitímate opposition, and they have not shown any reasons that the bill ought not to pass. Their conduct has afíorded a curious and not a plea3ant speetacle of men who have been too long in power for their own or the country'a good - who have become intolerant of opposition from anv source, either outside of or within their party, and who have forgotten how to subrnit to defeat and are capable of seizing on power by any meaiis, however violent, The üisplay which they have made is of a spirit entirely and dangerously evil, and no thoughtful man can read the Senate debates of the last week and consider the tone, the temper, the spirit and the wide disparity between the subject aud the Republican treatraent of lt without perceiving that it would be well for the country if these gentlemen could be for a while retired trom power, and that it would be an extreniely hazardous thing to give them a new lease of it, which they seem determined at all hazards and by any means to seize. lt is the Grant movement which has displayed itself in the Senate in these days, and has with extraordinary arrogance and intolerance, insisted on troops at the polls. If nothing else justiüed the Democrats in insisting on their exreinely mild prohibiLion of the use of troops for election purposes, the lauguage and spirit of the Republican leaders in the Senate this week would give them abundant justification, and it is not tuo much to say rather than trust these Republicana- Senators Conkllng, Blaine, and others - with troops at the polls it would be f ar better and safer for the country to disband the army. In this aspect the Senate debate of last week may and ought to serve a usef ui and important purpose. The Grant movement has its centre in that Senatorial coterie which has aimed to control the House, has tried, and is now tryingto intimídate the President whom It hatea, and which vvith unerrtng instinct makes its desperate stand for troops at the polls a3 the true ground for the Grant movement to maintain. The Democratie determi nation to keep troops away from the polls has seemed hitherto to be inspired by foolish and ridiciüous foars, but the appartition of the Grant movement in the Senate justifles them and oueht to secure for their aims the support of all judicious voters. The spirit of the Republican leaders in the Senate shows that it is high time for the security and peace of the country, to have a changeof parties. Like the Democratie party in 1860 these men have been too ion? m power, i ney are drunk with an unpatriotic ainbitiou. They &liow plainly that they do not meanto let go of the government; that they regard the country as their possession, and a political defeat as a personal wrong and robbery of themselves. The impression which this debate has made upon many thoughtful attendants upon it is that no party can be so dangerous to the country as a party led, inspired and controlled by these men, and thal f Ihe Republican party appears in the Presidential canvass under their leadership it will be the duty of every man who values the country's saf ety "and peace to oppose it and them, no matter who is on the other side The Republicana uttered a foolish cry of revolution early in the session.but your correspondent, whose duty it has been to watch all the tedious debates of the extra session, and who has not failed to exposé to you the folly and weakness of the Democrats, has seen nothing on the Democratie side when among the worst element of that party which at all compares for wickedness of purpose, for desperation and evil spirit, with tbe course and temper of the leading Republican Senators during this debate.


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