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The Verbena

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No low-growing flower can at all compete with the verbena for producing a continuous show of bloom throitghout the seasou, provided it is properly grown ; yet it is seldom seen in perfecĂ­ion. Fortuerly there was no question about it; all one had to do was to strike the cuttings, set out the young plants in any kind of soil, anda beautiful show of flowevs would reward him. Xot so now, as the rust, etc, will lnevitably spoil all unless the groatest care is exercised. Xever allow a verbena to "stand still ;" keep it constantly growing. Use only healthy shoots for propagation, and so soon as rooted, pot off at once in light, fibrous loarn. They do not relish a strong heat, but succeed best in a cool atniosphere. An English authority recommends watering exclusively with tobacco water, which.he aftirms, will destroy all marnier of insects as well as rust. Place the plants ahvays near the glass, and as soon as the plants show signs of being pot-bound, shift them into a size larger. Select for your beds a new, turfy loam - they will not grow thriftily nor blooui satisfactorily in old garden soil ; water during a dry time, and if vour varieties are well selected


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