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Said Col. Ingersoll over bis brother's eoflln :- " Every life, no matter if lts every hour is rich wiih love, and every moment jeweled witli a joy, will, at its close, become a tragtidy, as sad, and deep, and dark as can be woven or the warp and woof of myatery and death." ín striking contrast to this gloomy view of death we may quote the following from the Kev. T. De Witt ïalmage:- "The way out of this world is so blocked up with coffln and hearse and undertaker's spade and screwdnver that it is almost impossible f or the Chiistian to think as he ought of the happiest passage in all his hisiory. We put black instead of white on the place where the good man gains his last victory. We stand weeping over the heapof chains which the freed spirit haa cast off, saying, ' Foor man ! What a pity he had to come to this !' Come to what ? Why, by the time the people have assembled at the obsequies, that man .has been three days amid such joys as make all the hilarities of earth contemptible. The Israelites, if they had wanted to come back to Egypt, and had come and gone to weeping over the brlck-kilns because they had to leave, would not have been so silly as the Christian who should want to come from heaven to this world and mourn because he had to leave it. The whole subject of the Christian's death is made morbid and sickly. We look upon it aa the hole into which the good man stumbles and falls when his breath gives out." The amount of water passing over Niágara Falls has been estimated at 100,000,000 tons per hour, and Ha perpendicular descent may be taken at 150 reet, without considering the rapids, which represent a fnrther fall of 150 feet. The force represented by the principal fall alone amounts to 16,800, 000 horse-power, an amount which if it had to be produced by steam would necessitate an expenditure of not less than 266,000,000 tons of coal at four pounds per horse-power per honr. In other words, all the coal raised throughout the world would barely sufficeto produce the amount of power tbat annually runs to waste at tuis wonder fUl faU.


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