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The Grape Vine Flee Beetle

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To Prof. Cook Lansing. May I trouble you with a question Í Ia thero any means of destroying the worms of which you find specimens on the viue-leaves in the box? If so, you would do me a great kindness by lettiüg me know. A. LODEMAN. Ypsilanti, June 14. Answer- The insects sont by Mr. L. are the larvfc or grnbs of tho grap vine flee boetle Haltica Chalybo. More than a month ago I cflinniented upon the beautiful blue beotle, which was reported to be eating the buda from the grapo villes in St. Joe county. I then said the larvaa would eat tho leaves, and here comes tbe proof from Ypsilanti. The grubs are smal], brown and fairly riddle the leavos, as was illustrated by those received from Mr. L. iu the same box with tho gruba. Dusting tha leaves with limoissaid to destroy the grubs. üelieboie and Paris green will certainly do so, tliough they are poisons and require much cure. These may bo mixed with ashes and dusted on or put on with ft sprinkler, after coixing with water. With ashes mix one of hellebore to five of ashes. or one of Paris gieeu to 30 of ashos. With water use table spoonful of powder to two gallons. Use the green with great care. Tho insects will be goue in nbout two weeks.


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