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Meeting Of Common Council

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.Board met at thcir newrooru in Court House on Monday evening for the first timo. Tho mayor ia providod with a Imndsome desk ; tho aldertneu with tables of beautiful design; and the reportorial f'raturnity gupplied with seats. The floor is covered with a rioh and handsouie carpet and aeats are provided for a moderate number of spectators. Altogether the Common Oounoil room is not inferior in beauty and accommodatioii to cities of greater pretensión and population. A petition vv-as reoeived from M. C. LeBeau for tho privilege of leaving a bun recontly erected at the junction of Tontiao and North streets, in ignoranoe of the law requiring barns to be at least 20 feet from the street ; granted. For a sidewalk on Jefferaon street between División and Pifth streets; referred to sidowalk commitiee. many oitizens undersfanding that the logality of Aid. Roas' clairj to the nghts of an Ainoricau citizen was somewhat doubtful and consequently his eleotion perhaps void, donmnded ar. investigation. Mr. Ross statod that his father had taken out both the necessary naturalization papurs. Aid. Bosimer said only one was on record. The petition was tobled. Tho monthly reports of the recorder and treasurer were received and the latirr it was dcoiarl shoulrt bo roioèred uereafter to the finance cotumittee, thus the labor of the final settlomont with treasurer at ibo ona ai tho year. Ihe stréet committeo to whom wasrefsrred the qtiestion of the condition of the 88Yml bridges across the Huron river within city liuiits reported ia favor of repairing tho bridge near Svvift's mili. ïhat the lower bridge cannot be repaired, and that a new one be built at au expense of' 1,000. Thüt thu Kellogg bridge can be repaired at a small expense. This report was signed by Alderman Handy, Besimor, Kellogg and DcForest. Alderman Hill refused to sign the report beeause tho people ought to be consulted beforo their money was appropriatecï in this way. The bridge can be repaired. Assistant ergineer Davis of tho University examined the lower bridge as an Wtpert and rccotumeuded that as a matter of safety the bridge needsrebuildinti and now, conaidering the low price of oiaterial and labor is the best time to build. Alderman Besimer moved to limit the expense of said bridge to $1,000. Aldorman Hill called for the yeas and nays. Alderman Hutzel thought a better than $1,000 bridge ought to be built. Yeas- Handy, Ferdon, Besiaier, DeForest, Koss, Keeoh, Mathew, Keliy, Martin, Mayor, Recorder. Naye- Kussell, Hil], The cominittee was authorized to prooeed at once to take the proper steps to build a bridge across Huroa river tirar Cediir JiaaA Chief of polioe was instructed to prevent cows from running at largo in the Alderman Besirner's resignation as chairman of the street committea was accepted. $100 was votod from the General Fuud to pay for land for coutiauation of Fifth to Hill street.


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