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Whitmore Lake

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Jl-ly 3, 1879. Sittinjsr alone beneath the trees, wlnle my partv are rowing and fishing. White clover blossoms t'resh and swcet, Dot the green grass beneath myfet;- The ehanginy, rainbow-tinted sky Miih wondrous beauües charra the eyc. Cloud-shadows flit athwart the lake- ChanieHon hues Lts wavelets take, A suabeams kiss its upturned blue Gently as falla the tirilieht dew! A ineadow lark is sinííín near- Of me it Kems to have 110 fenr, But pours its notcí rio wild and clear lnto my son-enraptured ear! W hat melody more sweet - more rare, Than ineadow lark's in summer air? Snow-white Salla gleam beneath the sky, And red-tipped oars go splaahioe liy- While merry voices shout and simr DU thrcm-h the woodê their eehoes rinir. O! summer sunset linger lon? To cheer us vvith thy woodland song! The oarsinen row with steady hantl Our chosen little Whitrnore band- Till on the Rrass Iring-ed, fern-lcafed land lhe liappy ten United stand ! And as we leave the Whitmore Lake, Sweet memories of to-day we'll take- We 1 ne'er forget thy moon's pale light- We ne'er forget our drive to-nijjht- , .," ne er orKet- where'er we are- Fheres music-music in the air ." Pekiwixkle.


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