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■ - Harvest hands are coramanding $2 per d;iy. - Robinaon'soircus is advertised to appear at Manchester, July 1G. - Abram Cooper will erect the new residence of S. Post of Ypsilanti. -Mr. 8. P. Bray of Pittsfield is erecting a new barn in place of that lately buined. - Dr. Saxton a homeopathie physician from Cleveland, O., has located in Ypsilanti. - The Ypsilanti Light Guard returned from Manchester Friday night well pleased with their visit. - Ypsilanti's school board have designated Misses Fannie Bogardus and Hattie O. HofTuian, teachers. - Miss Alice Barr, a re-elected teacher in the Ionia schools, is spending vacation at her home in Stony Creek. - Costello & Evarts, millers and merchants oí' Doster are reported as füiled with liabilities of $45,000, 20,000 secured. - The íuembers of the North Lake company party would be pleased to see their friends from Ann Arbor with cakes accompanying thein. - Hallet Sinith of Sharon, purchased a 160 acre farm in Osage Missiou, Kansas, whtle visiting in that state, but does not intend to remove there. The country is saved, and everything jogs along as usual. No doubt wo are indebted largely to Fourth of July oratoro for these thinps. On the eve of the exhibition the walking match advertised at Ypsilanti was indcfinitely postpoued owing to want of responsibility for rent of hall. - About $3,000 has been donated for' the much-talked of opera house in Ypsilanti. An exohango has tho credulity to state that work will begin in a few weeks. - $2,250 of the $3,000 loan required to secure the location of the shoe factory in Ypsilanti has beon raisedby subscription. The raising of the remaining $750 is doubted. - At Dixboro on Sunday Messrs. Wm, Bal], Harry Dunn, Chas. Boylan and C. M. Jones iuduced thirly-two persons to sign the pledge. 'T was their irrefutable logic that did it. - We regret to hear that grave doubts exist over the possibility of recovery so that she will be able to walk, of Mrs. D. W. Palmer of Bridgewater, injured by being thrown from a wagon. - The wheat-fields are lookmg "white unto the harvest," and here and there a farmer has put in the sickle this week. Karely ever is there better weather fora plump berry than there has been this seasou. -Ara H. Palmer, son of D. W. Palmer of Bridgewater, closed his school on Lodi Plains on Friday, after a continuous term of niue months with a vacation ouly of two weeks at the close of first six months. - The game of base ball played at Saline on the 4th between the Anu Arbor and Saline clubs was witnessed by ,.ljO,.f 1,000 pof. ï, -J t .. eeventh innings the score stood 9 to 4 infavor of Ann Arbor, whicb. closed the game. - Aid. F. K. Owen having tendered his resignation as alderman of the third ward of Ypsilanti, because of his per-, inanent absence from the city, the council has ordered a special election to fill the vacancy, to take place next Monday, July 14. - Justice William Eanney of York will try the case of Mrs. Stoddard, charged with seriously injuring her sister, the result of a quarrel growing out of a contention over a few onions. The case bas been adjourned on account of the very dangerous condition of the injured woinan. - Michigan's ncw oil law governing the test and inspection of kerosene oil went into effect Tuesday, July 1 st. It reduces the test from 140 to 120 degrees, the fl:ish test, and leaves out the " chili test." Oue effect of the new law will be to reduce the price of oilaboutfive cents on a gallon, a change for which all consuiners will be duly grateful. - Charges preferred against liev. Mr. Wilson late of Manchester but now of Clayton of obtaining his position in the Baptist ministry by deceitand treachery and that he had not been properly baptized, were sustained at a quarterly conference meeting held at Clayton on June .'30. The convention recommended that he should be given a further trial of six months, before restoring him to full connection. - Farmers have nearly got through haying, and all report the erop much better thau they anticipated, but the grass is short and the erop hardly lip to the average. Wheat is ripening very good, and some pieces will be cut the latter part of this week or the first of next. Easpberrioo have been o. big orup and the rain will help iucreaBe the amount. Oats are looking good and will be an averago yiald. Corn is doing finely. - A two-story frame house in Salemi owned by lïraatua Mason of Ann Arbor, and occupied by Franklin Herrick, was entirely consumed by fire on Friday, the Ith inst. The fire was caused by firecrackers, and originated during the absence of the family. Nearly the enfire contents of tho house, belonging to Mr. Herrick, were consumed, as well as the house itself. Mr. Mason's loss is estimated at $1,000. There was no insurance on either the furniture or building. - Hon. Alexander D. Crane of Doxter who for several years oecupied a position on the bench of the Circuit Court, went to bed Suuday evening appareutly as well as ever. He aroso Mondtiy morning quite early and started a firo in the kitehen stove, which was rather an unusual occurrence. Ho was found by the members of his fainily acting very strange and his questions were rather absurd, which causod some alarm, as he was evidently out of his mind. Dr Howell was sent for, who gave it as his opinión that his disease was brought on by softening of the brain. The many ) friends of tho judge in Washtenaw, 1 Jack8on and Ingham counties will be 1 pained to learn of his illnesa.


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