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TIIURSDAY, July ó. In the oase of Millage andMillage vs. Dillon verdict was rendered for the defendant. Parties reside in York, This aotion was brought in pursuance of un allegod agreement enterod into by Win. Dillon, an elderly man, to his daughter Jeannette Millage and her husband, to care for him the reuiainder of his lifo in consideration of his willing to her, his daughter sixty-aeres of land, a portion of his farm in York. Daughter and. husband went to live with her father and to carry on the farm, and have oocupied it up to this time, some tenyears. Before Dillon's death, hoexecuted a deed of eighty acres of his farm to Miltou Marvin Dillon, his son ; and by will provided an additioual forty acres of his farm to another sou, Patrick, to be held in trust by Milton. The remaining forty acres he gave by will to his daughter Jeannette, subject to a mortgago of $300 and upou condición of payment of personal obligations otherwise amounting to aboufc $100. The jury after a charge by tho court agreed there was uo such verbal contract as alleged. Moore vs. Davenport. Judgmen rendered for defendant for costs on default. Oberst vs. Pcrsyth. Judginent on report of referee. In the matter of appeal of Kalamazoo College from decisión of probate judge, tho decisión of lower conrt-. was overruled- ifudge Ilarriman refused to admit to probate a will executod by Mary Ann Whitney, afterward Mary Ann Denike, upon thoground thatsubsequent marriage worked a revoeation of the will. Court adjourned to 2 r. M.,on Monday next. Monday, July 7. Lizzie Wells vs. David and Michael Schaible. Judgment by default of 1458.87. Jos. T. Molntyre vs. Prosper Fullington and others. Decree of foreclosure granted. Chas. King vs. Mary Chibadore. Decree of foreclosur granted. Tuesday, July 8. Eose-Douglas question argued by A. J. Sawyer for Kose, Judge Douglas for Douglas. Wednesday, July 9. S. H. Douglas vs. C. H. Millen and others. Decree of foreclosure granted. John McCafferty vs. Nelson Booth. Motion for new trial denied with $10 costs. Wm. Barnes vs. W. D. Smith. Motion to dismiss appeal grauted unless appellant file a bond satisfactory lo court within ten days. Avarilla Tuttle vs. Charles W. Tuttle. Divorced. Parties live iu Ypsilanti. Desertion. -%l JMi Ui


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