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A Highly Colored Wedding

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Invitations after the usual style were pretty freely circulated about the city, reading as follows : Mr. and Mrs. Levi Graham Rcquest your presence at the Marriage Ceremony oi' their daughter Elizabeth, to M. C. Shewcraft, At the M. E. Church, corner Washington and State Sts., Tuesday, July 8th, 1879. Ceremony at 8 P, M. At home from 8 to 1 1 p. m. Early in the evening people bogan to wend their way toward the church where a ceremony uniting a colored eouple was to be perforraed. Notwithstanding the warm weather, rendered more uucomfortable by a denso crowd congregated inside of walls, every seat in the house both in the gallery and opon the main floor was occupied and many were compelled to stand. The novelty bro't out a congregation which in numbers 13 rarely seen. There were old folks, middle aged people and misses in great abundance. The ushers wore full dress suits and the kids upon their uüds contrasted strongly with their faces. Ten seats from the front on the east side were reserved for colored spectators and they were fully oocupied. Meantime the organist fingered the keys. iShortly after the hour appointed all eyes turned toward the bridal party led by the father and bride and immediately followed by tVm grooux and bride'a mother, two groomsmen and two bridesmaids, who made their appearance walking through the aisle to the altar where sat Rev. Mr. Pope. The ceremony was neatly and promptly perfqrined, lasting not over iifteen minutes. The bridegroom is proprietor of the barber shop near the postoffice, in whioh about six colored knights of the strop wield the razor and shears from day to day. He is a walking personifleation of bis profession. His hair and whiskers créate envy in the minds of many an anibitious white youth as he admiringly gazes at the latest-fashioned cut of both, and observes the sleekness of the one and the uncriticizing cut of the other. The bride handsomely attired in silk, of color of ashes of roses, and several shades lighter than her liege lord, resides in this city, the daughter of a gentleman engaged in ferriage at Detroit. The new-joyed eouple repaired to Windsor and from thence will move upon the Hoosier state where a portion of the honeymoon will go upon record.