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Ann Arbor City Markets

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Carofully Kevised Weekly by the Publisher. Akn Arbor, July 10. Markct for -wheat is dull andpnoe decüucd ta 51. Bciins- Wuuted af 75a$l. CalfsKins- 'Je. Kip 7c. Ciirn- ShelIud40c ear, 20c. Hldea - S'c green ; cured 6}.a7. Oats- 30c. Polts- 25a?1.50; New Potittoes - ROc. Wheat- Actirc at SI, old $1.03. BETAIL KATKÍ. Boana- 5c per (nart. Braü - (iOcts per bundrcd. ]iutter- 120. C'heese - Uc. Coru - 25c ear ; slu;!!ed 50o. Corn Meal- Uoarse 1 ; ÍS1.75 bolted. Eot-IIc. Flour - Sfñti$ñ.5O. Patent $8 per barrel. Ground Feed- SI per hundred or $16 per ton. Huras - öuar cured lOü. }lominy- 4c per lb. Honey- 12al5c. Lrd- 8c. Outs- 35c. Oatmeal - 4c. New Po!atoes_$I. Pork- fresh 6aSc; salt RalOe. Snlt-Onoodaga Í1.4U, Saglnaw 81.3. Shoulders- 7s. WOOL. It is the opinión of both, buying flrms, Messrs. Mack ii Schmid an (i Bach & Abel tbat tbree foiirths of tho wool of Washtenaw Connty Is jpsrlcted.- Each of these honaes ha-ve purchasedtó to 65,000 Ibs. They offer 10081, and for an eidCclip, 32 ets. Undoubtediy the largest floeee brongnt to thi city was raised by Mr. K. J. Brown of Sóperioi, weighing 28 Ibs. The buck that grew it is of Merino blood, three yeare old. Tïe cüp wa sojd to Hack & Schmid.


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