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Fight With A Bear

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Montreal has a notetl character named Joe L-ef, whö keeps a saloon and eatins house. He has a bear pit ander his canteen on Common street, Itextends dl along ander the house, and is reigned over by h big black bear weigbing over 400 pounds. There are also a she bear and two comparatively young cuta, which .Joe reckons aiuong liis domestle pets. Yesterday afternoon, while a colored preacher was holding service in the "singing room," three American strsngera carne to visit the place, and the trap-door was t hrown open to show the bears. While Joe went into the bar-rootn his little bov, six years old, went too near the edge and feil into the den. The old bears were in a dark corner, but one of the cubs at once ran towarda the chtH, who had utteml a frightened scream. The cook hiy dcwn on the Hoor, and reaching doWn, caught hold of tbe little fellow and raised hini up. The she bear had heard the cülld's cries, and wíth a growl rushed toward the trapdoor and seized the chikl justashe was being lifted up. The little fellow was in an instant draged into1 the den, encireled by the claus of the old she bear. Joe hearing the noise eame to the door and seeing his child as ït were in the jaws of dcath, did not hesitate for a moment to think, but leaped trom the floor into the pit, lightlng on the üead A' one of the bears. He managed by a frant ie effort totear his child froui the savage monster, and threw hini behind, In another instant he handed the little fellow up among the ahnost paralyzed spectators. The moment the clni.i w_aa out of the pit the she bear growled flerceiy, ana .n„;mg :lI1 ,joe who had no arma wlth which todefend himself. The savage brute seized hiin by the right knee, throWlrig hini on his lack. Her teeth were driven fully an inch deep into hin flesb, He was then completelv at the mercy ol the animal, whose tameness liad disappeared, it being enraged at having the child taken away. Joe did not lose his present of mind, but seized a brick which lay near biin, and strnck the bear on the snout with all his migbt. The brute let go her hold and .loe quickly got on his teel. .loe was then rescued fioni the pit. his legs being eovered with blood. The trouaers which he had on were torn to sbieds, and his stockiags ere salnrated uith blood. Tlie child has nol been injured at all bevond ;( slight scratch on the head.


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