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Intelligence In A Bullock

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At a station in South Australia.close to Xaiine township, a very eurioua incident look place not long ago. A very large bullock injured its eye, when unyoked trom the dray, by a chaitt, the liook of which laceratéd the oigan. After a few dayn had passed, llic eye became seriously Lnflamed, and it was thought advisable to get the anima] into the stock-yard and cast him for tlie purpose of dressing the wound. This was done bj ropeabeing attaclied to his legs, luit it was found of no avail, trom the stiength of the bullock, for, as soon as the man attemjrted to throw him, he lifted his leg and pulled thein to the ground. As a last resource they put his head in the bail, a eontrivance ñequently used in that country for securing animáis, by getting tlieir necks betvveen two upright bars of wood, one of which is movable at pleasure. Having thus succeeded in securing him, they drpssed n; „yQ ui. uiuusvuHe. j nemen tnen unbailed the bullock and immediately rushed out of the stock-yard, thinking tbe animal would )e infuriated vvith pain, and expecting to be attacked, instead of which the poor sufferer walked off quietly to the shade of a large gum-tree ; and on the followiug morning, much to the astonishment of its owner and all who witnessed it, the bullock walked up to the stock-yard of his own accord, and placed his head in the bail to have the eye dressed ; and this he repeated every day until the eye was quite restored.


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