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A Wife's Benediction

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Raise my pillow, huaband, dearest; Faint and fainter grows my breatb, And those shadowa sti aline slowly Must, I know, be signs of death, Sit down close beside me, darling; Let me clasp tby warm strong hand - Tbine that ever has sustained me To the borders of this land. For thy God and mine, our Father, Then shall ever lead me on, Wbere npon a throne eternal Sits his loved and only Son, I've bad visions and been dreaming O'er the past of joy and pain; Year by year I've wandered baokward Till I was a child again. Dreams of childhood, and the moment When I stood, thy wife and bride: How my heart throbbed witb love's triumph In the hour of woman's pride! Dreams of thee, and all the earth-cord Firmly twined abont my heart; - Oh. the bitter, hn--:-s ■'i'"u When I first knew we must part! It ha txwued ; and God h'w promised All tny f ootsteps to attend - He that's more tban friend or brother, He'll be with thee to the end ! There's no shadow o'er the portal Leading to my heavenly throne; Chriflt has promised Ufe immortal And 'tis he who bids me come! When life's trials wait around thee. And its chilling billows aweli, Thou'lt thank heaven that I'm spared then, Thou wilt feel that all is well, Bring our children to my beduide; My lasting blessing let them keep; Are they sleeping? then don't wake them, They'll learn soon enough to weep. Teil them often of their mother, Kiss them for me when they wake, Lead them gently in life's pathway, Love them dou bly for my sake. Clasp my hand till closer, darling ; This the last night of my Ufe; For to-morrow I shall never Answer when thou call'st me wife! Fare thee well, my noble husband ! Faint not 'neath the chastening rod; Throw your strong arm around our children, Keep them close to thee and God.


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