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Woman And Marriage

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,.",;. is the custom to Ireat the subject p1 "'inlagc lwivya " if Jt 18 . " rd to speak seriously of ït, orto houghtful attention to it. But is ' iitpr "C jesting? Is it a relation to be -entered into heedlessly, with laughter and thoughtless glee ? Look beyotid the marriage day, one year,ten, twenty years : - is it a matter f or jesting only ? Is it not infinitely the most serious and important matter in all life? Look at the stories, written in tears and blood, of countless lives that started out with laughter and song, and careless words, amid the fiowers and wreaths and music and glad bells of the marriage hour, but for which few more flowers bloomed or few more bells rang merry chimes. Is it not too serious for jesting? Some one has said that marriage is a rock, on which the life is either anchored or wrecked. And never was there a truer word spoken. A true marriage is the beginning of a beautif ui life ;but a mistaken marriage is a gate that opens to a path of sorrow, regret, bitterness, wretchedness, often misery and shame. If there is any moment, then, in all a young woman's life when she needs divine counsel and the loving hand of Christ to guide, it is when she is f&}fA to accept or reject the hand oüterea to her in marriage. A mistake here will throw its deadly shadow over all her future life. There are many who have atoned in years of anguish and regretful woe, for the folly of one heedless hour. Take the question to Christ and trust him to answer it Seek for his benediction. Ask him to wait beside you when you stand at the altar, and amid the joy, festivity and song, and streaming lights, and brilliant beauty, and the congratulations of friends, forget not to look up in His face and implore His blessing. The hands that he unites in marriage shal never unclasp. United in Him, they will clasp again beyond the river. But the marriage unblest by Him is the beginning of sorrow and pain.


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