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The old methods of doing business art; fast passing away, and whether the abaadon the old and fall into the new. A revolution has been wrought in sudi matters, and the old methods are daĆ¼y becoming obsolete. One handrd thousand commercial agents or drunmers are now employed to travel tht length and breadth of the country in ',he interest of their employers, and in his fast age no one, unless he holds a nonopoly of soine good thing, can affoxl to wait for customers, so great is thi competition in every lineor branch of business. As pertinent to this subjet, the Boston Post says: "The ways of trafile are not the old ways ; wooden slips are going out of date, and sailing vesels are giving place to steam ; currency is superseded by commercial crwlits ; the cable and telegraph have brmght markets close together ; railroids derive their freight proflts from tig perfectness of their terminal f acilitis ; men buy and sell by sample befre productsandmanufactured stocks .wvt'd; prices and rates change oftener now in a day than they used to d) in a week or a month ; everything tnds to economy of business f riction, t bringing things down to the finest pint by the shortest way, to the perf rmance of the most work by the least nachinery."


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