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The most costly school building in tie -world is probably the new Polytchnic Instituto in Hanover. The King of Hanover comnienced the construction of a magnificent palace, upon nhich he expended about five million drilars. When his Government was overthrown and thekingdom of Hancver became a province of Prussia, the building was found in a half-finíshed ondition. For several years the windows were boarded up and the empty ooms became the residence of bats and lirds. At last the Germán Governlèent resolved to alter the building and adapt it to the use of the polytecbaic school. The work has been SSÜg-on for several years, and is now learly ended. The papers. - A statesman was once n conversation wlth a few friends as 3 what course ought to be adopted with regard to mislepresentation in the press; and uid afriend said to him, "The obvious eourse is not to take notice of what is aid of you in the papers. People will 5nd yo'i out in time if you do not contradiet these things." "Well," said the statesmau, heaving a deep sigh, "that was the course I once pursued. I entered on public life with a resolution that, whatover the press might say of me. I would take 110 notice of it. For years and vears I persevered, till at last iny friends came to me and said, There is an accusation in one paper of &uch an unutterably villainous kind that you owe it to yourself and to your supporters to contradict it.' " The statesman feit that in this case an exception must be made. He contradicted the report, as he informed the friends to whom he was recounting bis experiences. "Well," said one, "and rhat did the papers do?" "Why," the statesman answered, "they went and provedit, the villains!" A Htjngby Man.- A countryman, seating himself at a fashionable restaurant with the intention of taking a hearty dinner, summoned a waiter and made known his purpose. The latter gkipped briskly away, and flnally returned with a handsomely bound bill of f are, which he opened and placed bef ore the guest, who, pushing it away, scomfully observed: "Oh, come now, you can't cram no literatura down me ; vittals is what I want - vittals - and purty darned quick, too."


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