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- N. Y. City J1Ü3 had oao fatal ease of yeïïow iorer. - "VVisconstn Bpends $10,000,900 for intoxicating drinks aad uot to exceüd $3,000,000 for schools. - Chicago papers are grunibliog beoause the recent sessiou of tho, legislature of Illinois cost the state $273,799 73 - Senator Bruce, in iuvestiguting the Freedman's bank affairs, will have to study up 900 ledgers of G00 pages each, at the bank and its thirty-three branches in tbis country. - Grusshoppers are ra vaging crops on Howland's island, Cnyuga couuty, N Y. They have destroyed 300 tons of hay worth $3.000. Thereis danger that the plague will ruvage the wholecounty. - Vanderbilt readily paid JudgH Com stock of Syracuse $50,000 for his services in the will coutest, but rtsfused to give Henry L. Clinton, another lawyer ia the case, the $250,000 that hu deinanded. - The trial of divorce suit of Rev. Dr. Newman Hall against his wife in the London oourts is attracting wide attention. Mrs. Hall alleges in turn criminal intiraacy, and altogethnr is a pretty mess to emanate from high ecclesiastical sourocs. - The leading New York gambling houses are connected by telephoue, and when the pólice como to one place all the rest ara notified. This saves the pólice from previously giring notico themselves, wbioh tUoj have naa the oredit of doing. - Dispatchesfrom 8pringfield,IlHnoip, state that Robert Lincoln has uffered to give the old Lincoln homeatead to the Lincoln Monument Associatiou, on condition that the association shouldforever keep the place in repair and preserve it s a memorial of Abraham Lincoln.


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